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Influx of tenants in Galleria Burgas

GTC increases its investment share in Bulgaria more than 2 times

90% of the commercial areas of the sea mall are sold in advance

The newest Burgas Mall has become a hit for the retailers in the region. So far 90% of the areas are let out in advance. Galleria Burgas will open on May 15th. Through it for first time come to the city the leading names in world fashion business as well as the most successful international multiplex theatre operator Cinema City. The managers have the ambition to demonstrate unique attractions and entertainment. The prospective tenants are attracted by the opportunity to work in the country's only one trade and entertainment center certified mall on the international standard LEED for sustainable building. The advantages the building gives them thanks to its energy efficiency measures will lower the costs significantly. The special lighting concept for the entire building will create a sense of freedom and soul comfort for the visitors, something that, experts believe, dramatically increases the desire for shopping.

Galleria Burgas, as well as all multifunctional complexes of GTC, is a host to a wide range of activities. In Burgas the investment is a long term one. “We staked on the eco-conception and built the first for the region Green shopping center, because we are convinced that we should take care for our planet. Energy savings are only one aspect of the design. Through the most contemporary lighting concept we achieve much more welcoming atmosphere and visitors will feel special and being taken care of," revealed Danny Bercovich, executive director of GTC Bulgaria.

The company has invested significant efforts to create in Burgas the best shopping and entertainment place. In Galleria Burgas there are several places selected where to visitors are shown the beauty and history of Bulgaria. In one of them the exhibition "Bulgaria in Miniature" will reveal the rich and ancient culture tradition of our country. For our traditional folklore and national cuisine, there are equipped separate presentation halls in the shopping center. This policy is expected to play a huge role in popularizing the Bulgarian intangible resources to the thousands of foreign tourists visiting our Black Sea summer resorts and spending few days for seeing and shopping in the district center. You can see the other surprises of Galleria Burgas at
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GTC set foot on the Bulgarian market firstly in Stara Zagora. Galleria Stara Zagora was officially opened at the end of 2012 and immediately became the most popular place in the town. When a team from a famous fashion magazine made a research about the best shopping place in the region the result was of no surprise. Stylists, designers and specialists in the field of fashion and customer’s preferences evaluated the trade complexes on several criteria: presented international and local brands, variety of choice, size and arrangement of the stores, interior and continuation of the investments, level of access to the place, correlation price-quality, promotional offers and others. Galleria Stara Zagora, the first Mall of GTC in Bulgaria won on all indexes. Because it is not only the best place for shopping in this part of Bulgaria, but also offers an extraordinary choice of fashion and entertainments. Only here for now, apart from Sofia and Varna, are operating the fashion giants ZARA, BERSHKA, STRADIVARIUS, PULL&BEAR, are presented the best Bulgarian trade practices, there is an unbelievable choice of top entertainments – ranging from first class restaurants to professionally equipped cinema, fitness, laser arena, underground carting, climbing wall and many more attractions for children and adults.         

"GTC is in Bulgaria and will stay!" said Danny Bercovich emphatically. And although analysts do not expect significant changes in the market situation in 2012, the company will continue its development here, planning its investments over the years. The total share of Bulgaria in the world giant portfolio is only 3% of its total assets. The prognoses are that by 2014 they will be increased more than 2 times, or to the total of 7%. This proves the prospects that a company like GTC sees in the development of projects in our country, as well as is a good indicator for the increasing purchasing power of the Bulgarians in the future.

After Galleria Burgas in 2013 forthcoming is the opening of Galleria Varna too. The design of the building is being adjusted, to meet the ultra modern requirements and needs of the city and soon the project will be presented to the media and the public. Thus GTC will stand firmly on the commercial market in Eastern Bulgaria.

Globe Trade Centre S.A. (GTC) was established in Poland 18 years ago and is among the largest investors in real estate business in Europe. GTC develops most actively its business in 10 countries including Bulgaria recently. The company is a public one and is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The company was awarded the prize "Developer of the Year" in Central and Eastern Europe in years 2009, 2007 and 2004. It is the winner too in the competition for the prizes Real Estate, as well as awarded with a special diploma "Company of Distinction 2004". In 2007 Globe Trade Centre S.A. was announced best entrepreneur in Southeast Europe in the nominees for the Awards Europa Property SEE Real Estate. The coming of the company in our country wit hits successful practices, high requirements and world standards has radically altered the criteria in construction and trade.


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