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‘Blind Sunday’ with a second edition before the Christmas Book Fair

Rumen Leonidov nominated for the National Poetry Award "Ivan Nikolov"

"Blind Sunday" (literally translation from the Bulgarian: ‘Slyapa nedelya’, a phrase that means ‘urge to get married’ too) is about to snatch the prize for most powerful collection of poems for 2011. It is among the nominated books of the Plovdiv publishing house "Janet 45", which after a few days will bestow for a 17-time the Prize for poetry "Ivan Nikolov."

The current year is more than successful for Rumen Leonidov. After a long pause he announced his return in the poetry with "Blind Sunday". The first edition was quickly out of prim and the second edition is already a fact - days before the Christmas Book Fair, it is already on the market. Poetry in general is a boutique art and it is extremely rare for a Bulgarian author to boast of such a success. Typically, the assessment of the critics and the connoisseurs of fine letters differ, but this time they completely coincided. Perhaps because the author, now more popular as a publicist with a sharp tongue and character, was not afraid to take the risk of taking the old tribal daggers out of the darkest folk songs and to put them next to the banner revolvers of the modern verse. Therefore, anyone who takes this book in hands will be convinced that Rumen Leonidov is unscrupulous in his choice of the weapons he uses in the ongoing battle with the apparent idea of our own existence. This is not sloppy lyrics neither a poetry of the type ‘music for the soul’ ‘In her awkward world the intellectual pleasure seekers have to watch their step, because they can easily cut themselves on the prominent panes of the sunrise. And they are likely to meet an angel that will mess with their brains,’ the writer Zhivko Zhelev warns in the preface to the book.

’Blind Sunday’ raised the hopes of the numerous fans of Leonidov that the battle between the everyday life and the area of the spirit is not over. For he says: "Life continues to excel us. Therefore I envy the animals that kill only in self-defense ...’ According to him our society as a whole is very sodden and now suffering from atheism, meaninglessness, poverty, idleness, feebleness, lacks education, enlightenment and talents and has no future.

The collection of essays "The frightened man" which Leonidov issued in this generous to him year, next year will have a "double" sequel - these are two volumes of selected endearments and political publicism, titled "The male loneliness" and "Gentle dictatorship."


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