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Burgas 8000, 4, Baba Ganka Sqr., fl. 4

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We have rich experience in promoting trade and product PR as for the large industrial and tourist Holding company Victoria Group, owner of holiday resorts, hotel chains and industrial enterprises in the light industry, Ritoni trade chain and the largest distributors of building materials in Eastern Bulgaria Granity ABO Ltd. and Toplivo Ltd. We have successfully implemented campaigns for the imposition of completely new products on the Bulgarian market, although there have been a number of obstacles created by unfair competition and cartel interests such as Nuh Cimento for example. The company taking care of the managing of one of the biggest tourist places of interest in Europe, Sunny Beach Ltd., is also our client. 
Image Advertising, Burgas 8000, 4, Baba Ganka Sqr., fl. 4, phone +359(56) 896480,  E-mail