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Music and culinary masterpieces in Primoretz for St. Valentine

High European class and gourmet cuisine for the ones in love

The best restaurant in Burgas combines love with St. Trifon the Pruner Day

The most exquisite Burgas restaurant offers special culinary masterpieces and wine for both holidays combined in one day - Trifon's Day ( Trifon Zarezan, February 1st and 14th: Trifon Zarezan, Saint Trifon the Pruner Day; The Bulgarian holiday of vine-growers and wine-makers) and Valentine's Day. According to the staff of Primoretz, the two celebrations are complementary and turn the day to a common celebration of love and wine, which is analogous to the ancient Thracian cult of Dionysus. Anyone who decides to attend the elite restaurant will find the best choices for his/ hers taste, combined with great wines and classy live music.

The variants of a`la carte three course menu will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding guests. Exotic Mediterranean specialties, seafood and the best sushi in town will add up to the rich flavor palette that Chef Ivelin Hristov will offer for the gourmet dinner of the revelers. "What we will give our customers on February 14th, is to be found only in a few restaurants in Bulgaria" - Hristov said. "We accepted as our fundamental obligation to ensure the excellent mood, satisfied desires, along with a sensation of comfort and happiness to all who have trusted our team and left their feast in our hands," the chefs enthuses. He worries only that the bookings will not be enough for all who wish to give themselves a fabulous holiday.

In Primoretz the staff has the ambitious task to offer service and cuisine truly on the highest world level, while at the same time prices do not differ much from the ones in the other restaurants.

With hand-made Belgian chocolates will be sweetened February 14th. Heart of chocolate pageant will receive each couple that has chosen the elegant luxury of Grand Hotel Primoretz for Saint Valentine.

Those who will emphasize on Trifon Zarezan will be able to consume the high-class wine with amazing appetizers from the menu for the evening.

When all five-star, the music is on the same level. Apart from love and wine, the festive atmosphere in Primoretz will be immersed in the sounds of the unique G.R.A.S. The virtuosos of the hit group promised they will turn the holiday into a truly memorable experience for all visitors, with a great selection of emotional performances. The guests will enjoy many other surprises throughout the evening, but the hotel management does not tell in advance what they will be.


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