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Miniatures "Royal Weddings" enriched the ritual hall in Nessebar

Designer Nuri Dimitrova will develop wedding tourism in the ancient city

A unique exhibition of the most beautiful and famous in the world royal wedding dresses will attract the attention of the wedding couples in the ritual hall of Nessebar. Nuri Dimitrova has developed the miniature collection with brilliant precision, to make the fabulous world of the VIP weddings to "revive" in front of the eyes of the visitors. The designer showed the collection in September at the Sofia City Library and provoked unprecedented interest. The exhibition attracted connoisseurs of fashion elite, diplomats and politicians.

The most chic dresses worn by royalty, Nuri presented in Nessebar too. Each of the copyies is accompanied by a photograph of the original. The designer has studied the history of each wedding, and it is in fact very curious. The Norwegian Princess Mette-Marit Tjessem Hoiby for example, was a barmaid and a single mother before putting on the wedding dress and attracting the attention of the whole world. The dress, which Grace Kelly married in Prince Rainier of Monaco, was made of 125-year-old needle lace. With an Armani dress, sewn by hand for 2500 hours and all studded with diamonds and sapphires, the next Princess of Monaco - Charlene passed the red carpet to the altar. The exhibition includes too the decorated with national motifs and embroidery dress of Princess Kalina, made by designer of Russe. 750 million followed the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles and her dress with a 7.5-meter train is one of the largest and most spectacular ones. Of course, the widely discussed garment, Kate Middleton got married in to the British heir of the throne Prince William is included in the exhibition too.

The royal weddings are mainly personal events of political significance. The garments of the bride and groom present their status, the economic situation of the country, the confidence of the whole nation. They are an important document for the history and the most important thing in it is the dress.

To show the 10 most spectacular royal weddings Nuri Dimitrova was inspired by the gorgeous dress of Princess Diana. The idea of their miniaturization has come from the autobiography of Coco Chanel. In the years after WWI Chanel wanted to present her new collections as quickly as possible, but due to the shortages of materials and generally because of the crisis regime that turned out to be impossible. Then the design association she was a member of, gave birth to the idea to make the dresses small and to present them on special shows - exhibitions. Now again we are in crisis, so the frugal option suited to Dimitrova and she repeats it successfully.

About a month and a half took the hand sewing of each replica. Nearly two years, however, continued the preparation and procurement of materials, similar to the originals - chiffon, silk, hand-embroidered lace.

The exhibition "Royal Weddings" will become part of the interior of the ritual hall in Nessebar. There is also the unique Bulgarian dress of grandma Stephana from 1948, which Nuri restored according to a photo from an old photo album. Now the designer undertakes another initiative. She called on the residents of Nessebar to bring their wedding pictures and to put a start to another exhibition, which will continue to tell the story of the old city. As a true artist, the dress-maker is searching for wedding traditions too. Thus she recently discovered and restored the forgotten cake recipe for "damga", which was once part of the wedding feast. The wedding tourism in the ancient city is gaining speed. The history of the weddings will attract more newlyweds who want to make their promise in fidelity in the romance of the ancient peninsula.

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