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Municipal Councilor is the champion of Power Football 2012 in mall Galleria Burgas

Municipal Councilor Anton Berdankov is the champion in the first for our country PlayStation tournament Power Football 2012 organized by Power FM and mall Galleria Burgas. The competition which is a copy of the European Football Championship started in the largest shopping center on the South Black Sea coast a day after the official opening of EURO 2012 and lasted a whole month. Challenging battles determined the 16 best gamers among the 90 registered participants. Each one of them represented one of the 16 national teams at Euro 2012.

After 4 weeks of virtual football the fourth place was taken by Kostadin Yanchev with the Czech Republic team after he gave up the third place to Stamen Dragoev and the team of Netherlands. Both players were given vouchers for shopping in mall Galleria Burgas as well as fan articles of PSFC Chernomoretz Burgas.

Wild emotions caused the final match between the municipal councilor Anton Berdankov with the team of Ukraine and Emanoel Yanchev with team England. During the match both finalists were supported by their fans with cheers and applause. The first 80 minutes ended in a scoreless draw. At the goals however Anton Berdankov showed exceptional skills and categorically defeated with 3 to 1. He was proclaimed champion, received the trophy of the tournament and won the grand prize - a weekend for two in boutique hotel Agatha Beach in Ahtopol and a T-shirt of the defender of PSFC "Chernomoretz Burgas" Jeremy Fo-Pouret. Emanoel Yanchev had to "comfort" himself with the second place and prize by - travel card for 4 trips on destination of his choice.

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