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After 10 years the president Petar Stoyanov spoke

How the new socio-economic "elite" of Bulgaria was born

The story of the most important part of the Bulgarian transition is in the book "It happened in front of my eyes"

Publishing House "East - West" released on the book market "This happened in front of my eyes" (literary frоm the Bulgarian: "Tova se sluchi pred ochite mi") - Book One of the two-volume by Yordan Vasilev, founder and first chief editor of "Democracy", the newspaper of the UDF (Union of the Democratic Forces). This is a vision to the recent past, a story about the changes after the fall of the communism and the events in Bulgaria during the presidency of Petar Stoyanov.

The premiere of "This happened in front of my eyes" in Sofia will be on Monday, February 6th, at 5.30 pm at the Military Club and in Plovdiv - on 13th February, in hotel "Trimontium."

Editor of the book is Rumen Leonidov, taking part in it with some comments and an afterword.

"Reading the book I remembered Yordan Vasilev and remembered and clarified many things, that I, like most Bulgarians, have forgotten. Yet oblivion is the weapon that the thirsty for power and money demagogues always use against us," Rumen Leonidov wrote in his afterword, entitled "Late postscript". According to him it is time for us to get to a deeper reading of our recent history and to endeavor to look beyond the visible, the official, the imposed by formal journalism.

After 10 years the president Petar Stoyanov spoke and said that "our capitalism was conceived by people who do not believe in God and have no ideals ...". And because by education they are atheists, there is no moral root in the foundations of this capitalism.

What way has UDF covered from the informal companies over the barricades and the power to the split? How the ex-communists gained the power back? What is the truth about the drama that took place on 4 February 1997, when the country was facing a civil war? - President Stoyanov first-person bespeaks. How "legitimate" were the Bulgarian citizens robbed and why nobody investigated and brought to trial those responsible for this? Why was the privatization in our country held in a way that benefits mainly the former communists and the establishment of the Committee for State Security? Why Zhan Videnov kicked against the Russian pressure, but Ivan Kostov gave them "Lukoil"?

These are just some of the questions posed by the book. The author will look for their answers in the second part of "This happened in front of my eyes," which will be released in May.

Yordan Vasilev, born September 26th, 1935, is a Bulgarian writer and politician, author of 15 books, among them two for Elisaveta Bagriana, co-authored with his wife Blaga Dimitrova. In March 1948 his family was interned from Sofia. He studied Bulgarian philology, and in 1956 after the Hungarian uprising was excluded from the Sofia University, which he graduated later. He worked in the magazines "September" and "Literary thought", and later at the Institute of Literature of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Hе defended a doctoral thesis on Ivan Hadjiiski and attained an academic rank in 1990. In November 1988 he was among the founders of the Club for support of the publicity and reshuffle, and later of the UDF. He was a deputy in the 7th Grand National Assembly and in the 36 NA, where he was also Chairman of the Committee for National Security. Founder and first chief editor of "Democracy" newspaper.

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