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NEC failure left Burgas without heating today

A series of short circuits in the high voltage transmission lines

DHC has no power supply

A series of serious failures in the electricity transfer network of NEC, left Burgas without local heating. The power supply to DHC was interrupted for the first time at 5,30 am. Probably the reason is a short-circuit in the 110 kV transmission line "Saturn". The strong wind from north-northeast caused system failure and termination of the electricity supply. The wind speed is calculated at over 13 m per sec.

In the wintry cold day around 30,000 subscribers - households, institutions and public establishments, including kindergartens, hospitals, etc are left to sit in the cold. The situation is further complicated by the continuing break of the weather and the strengthening wind.

All the available staff of District Heating Company Toplofikaciya Bourgas along with the management is on foot from the early morning hours. The company is constantly trying to proceed to internal autonomous power supply. To do that it is necessary for NEC to submit at least 6 kV electric power so the boilers will start working and the system will begin to produce its own electricity with which to maintain the production.

By 1.30 pm there have been done 3 consecutive attempts to do that, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful. The external supply, even of 6 kV, was again interrupted by the power supplier during the process of turning on the thermo-electric power plant. The bad thing is that the 3 additional consecutive interruptions caused hydraulic shocks in the systems that may lead to new unforeseen failures and crashes. Moreover, the abrupt change of the water temperature in the icy weather is extremely risky, the DHC Company announced.

If NEC provides a minimum power supply and DHC succeeds in proceeding to its own power supply, at least 12 hours will be needed to fully restore the required temperatures in the district heating network and the radiators.

The size of the damages and benefits missed for DHC Bourgas JSC are yet not clear. From the company's management think that the main problem is the stop of the Burgas heating in freezing weather, especially for the social institutions, kindergartens and hospitals.

DHC Burgas apologizes to its customers for the inconvenience caused and does everything possible to normalize the temperature as soon as possible.


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