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The incident in Galleria Burgas is not related to the quality of construction of the building

The tenants of the stores themselves adapt their premises

Dear Colleagues,

In connection with your interest in yesterday's incident in mall Galleria Burgas, we do provide the following information:
On June 25th in the morning in a shop for luxurious clothing situated on the first floor of the shopping and entertainment center fell panels, part of the suspended ceiling of the room. Slightly injured are employee of the shop and a technician. They both have contused and lacerated wounds on the hands. They’ve been provided medical care in the Burgas hospital and after they've been released for home treatment. There are no other injured. The management of Galleria Burgas regrets about yesterday's incident and wishes to both employees fast recovery.
A check is on now on how it came to the fall of the suspended ceiling. The management of the mall has appointed a technical investigation, carried out by specialists in systems for suspended ceilings, which to ascertain the causes of the incident. Its results will be announced.
The installation of the fallen construction as well as the building-finishing activities on the interior design of the luxury clothing store are made by a company /subcontractor/ engaged by the respective tenant. A common practice is some of the brands to hire space in the malls that are not in a completely finished state. They adapt and renovate the interior according to their own style, with their companies and at their own expense. The management of Galleria Burgas is not responsible for those actions. It is a commitment of the tenant companies to secure the premises in carrying out additional repairs and construction-finishing activities. In the Burgas mall there are dozens of tenants and as many companies that retailers engage at their own discretion. Their activity has nothing to do with the quality of the entire construction of the building.
Unfortunately there was an employment accident with a worker also of a subcontractor company before the opening of Galleria Burgas. The medical specialists' report on the case is not yet completed and therefore we can not comment on the causes behind the unfortunate incident.
The attempts of some media to present such cases subjective and tendentious and to make certain negative suggestions without seeking the official position of GTC Bulgaria and Galleria Burgas are being accepted as publications serving rival corporate interests.
So far there is no penalty determined for offenses against the company that owns the mall - GTC Bulgaria by any of the institution responsible for the safety of employees and customers. The shopping and entertainment center aims to achieve the world's best practice in health and safety of the customers.

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