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Daniele Dond?

Daniele Donde was born in Cremona, the birthplace of so many internationally famous artists, the greatest of whom being the violinmaker Antonio Stradivari. Donde, the son of renowned art collectors, learned to love art from an early age, in particular, the contemporary art in the art collection of his family he later found out was full of fakes and that is how he came to the idea of selling 'legal fakes' .

In 1984 he became the undisputed leader of the idea that until that moment had been considered crazy and unachievable. Working constantly and with determination, he took his idea around the world, putting on exhibitions of "legal fakes", in major cities: Milan, Rome, Geneva, Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul, Cyprus, Paris, London, New York, Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo, Kyoto, St Moritz, Gstaad, Monte Carlo, etc. In these cities and elsewhere he has organised temporary exhibitions that have attracted millions of art lovers and collectors. The copies on show are of works by Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Modigliani, Sisley, Lautrec, Pissarro, in short all the most highly sought after and valuable masterpieces that have been made accessible to the general public and are no longer reserved for a few multi-millionaires. His motto is: "give everyone a masterpiece".

In 1990 at his exhibition in Manhattan a New York, Donde was given the honorary title of Professor and Doctor of modern and contemporary art from the prestigious American University, an honour that few international artists have received.

In 1999 in Geneva he received recognition from another source, "Crystal Globe", which is only given to the most famous Italians in the world.

Donde, appreciated by internationally famous VIPs like Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore, Sofia Loren, Harnold Swarzenneger, Sultan of Brunei, Albert of Monaco, Mohamet Alfajet, Flavio Briatore, Gianluca Vialli, etc., is credited with having created the biggest and most popular art movement in the world, in which European, Asian, Australian and American artists have copied and followed the crazy idea that Donde had and they have all continued to contribute to the diffusion of legalised fakes throughout the world.

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