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Publishing house "Iztok-Zapad" (Bulgarian for "East-West") was founded in the fall of 2002. So far in its catalog there are more than 700 titles, grouped thematically in the big series "East", "West" and "Bulgaria".

The idea of the common root between the otherwise seemingly so different cultures of the East and the West, is decisive for the success of our publishing policy. Stretched even purely geographically between the two poles, Bulgaria according to us is the intersection of the synthesis of their life, moral, and even business outlooks. This program philosophy brought "Iztok-Zapad" among the most respected publishers in the country. This is a fact, thanks to the impressive thematic range of titles and authors too.

The publishing works mostly in the fields of philosophy, cultural studies, anthropology, history, economics, practical and theoretical psychology, general knowledge of man and society. Furthermore, not a small share of its book production is in the field of fiction, journalism, health and business skills.

"Iztok-Zapad" established itself on the book market with the high quality of the text and translation, as well as with the good design and polygraphy of books issued.

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