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Help for the roofs on the sea collapsed by the snow

Companies unite to restore the winter damage

The Bulgarians from the southeast region will receive significant help to restore the serious damage caused by the heavy winter. Unprecedented snowfalls and frosts on the sea in this part of the country caused a real panic among the population. Whole buildings and houses were flooded after their roof structures did not stand the weather conditions. Heavy and continuous snow and rain falls ruined entire walls, collapsed facades and terraces.

With the first signs of spring and fine weather two of the most powerful companies supplying building materials in the region decided to join forces in order to provide an opportunity for the stricken to recover the damages. `Granity` JSC and `Straldja Ceramics` agreed to continue a social initiative for large discounts on their products. The roof-tiles and constructions manufactured and being sold by both companies offer 15% discount. Promotion Campaign "Repaired roof" is not accidentally made before Easter, because thus a symbolic gesture of charity is made, the managers said. The directors of the two leading in their field companies agreed to push forward the current needs of the people instead of profits and thus gave "a hand" in their own way to all families being in a difficult situation because of the winter damage.

At the beginning of the year `Granity` JSC began a social initiative to help the flooded Burgas neighborhoods and declared temporarily discount off the target prices of construction materials in storage by 10%. The current initiative of the building supplier with the ceramics factory comes in continuation of the active social policy of the company. A few months ago `Granity` donated a considerable amount for the building of a new monument in naval base "Atia" near Burgas.

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