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The head of ‘Dynamo’ received the annual prize of Sliven

The chairman of the Board of directors of the machine-building plant ‘Dynamo’ Dimitar Kolev was awarded Manager of 2011 in Sliven. The winner of the prestigious award for business initiative ‘Dobri Zhelyazkov’ is also known as head of the council of Municipal Bank and a future city councilor from the list of Lider Party in Bourgas. The high award was presented yesterday at a gala concert performance in the Drama Theatre on the eve of the city holiday.

"This award is a nod to the people who do not walk the beaten paths but seek new ways to successfully implement their ideas." With these words Vassil Yovchev, head of Decotex, winner of the 2005 award, bestowed the prize. Excited, the Bourgas businessman said he is proud of the efforts of the whole team only for a few years to "stand up" one company destroyed by the Bulgarian stage transition and to bring it to the leading European and world markets. For the past few years, ‘Dynamo’ is one of our few industrial enterprises that export permanently to the EU and Russia, surmounting the competition from China and other Asian countries. Notably high is the assessment of the Bulgarian production in the U.S., where the plant has become a leading provider of the advanced brushless alternators for the needs of the Pentagon. "Our contribution to Sliven and Bulgaria in the difficult times of financial crisis is to provide permanent employment for over 350 people and restore the authority of the Bulgarian industry globally," Kolev said to the audience at the prestigious event.

Public commission determined the Award winner on the basis of various indicators such as profit, fulfilled obligations to the municipality, state and social security, social stability, investment. The choice was made after discussing the economic performance of 11 companies operating on the territory of Sliven Municipality.

The expectations of the management of ‘Dynamo’ Sliven JSC for next year are to increase the production volume by 25%, which will allow the opening of new workplaces. In 2003, ‘Dynamo’ was bought as a company with abate functions, doomed to liquidation. Investment of millions for introducing new technologies and products followed. The company created its corporate policy geared towards the most promising fields of the mechanical engineering industry. In the workshops began production of new quality products. The international markets noticed the Bulgarian brand immediately and ‘Dynamo’ quickly became one of the leaders of the engineering industry that is designed primarily for the automotive industry.

Now over 90% of the production of ‘Dynamo’ Sliven is being exported. With its brushless alternator the plant made a remarkable breakthrough in the highly competitive U.S. market part of which must meet the strict requirements of the largest army in the world. There the production of ‘Dynamo’ was initially welcomed.

Besides being Chairman of the Board of Directors of ‘Dynamo’ Sliven JSC, Dimitar Kolev is one of the most talented Bulgarian expert financiers and bankers. He is a manager of several companies as "Pharmaceutical Chemicals" JSC – Bourgas, "Coinvest" Ltd. – Bourgas, "Bulida" Ltd. - Bourgas. Being a person with a clear civic stand and commitment, Dimitar Kolev is empathetic to the social problems. As one of the most active benefactors, number 1 manager of Sliven manifests his social concern and responsibility constantly.


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