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Pure Fitness drew hundreds of fans only for a week

Galleria Burgas can become the sports center of the city

With a successful start one of the most prestigious international chain fitness centers - Pure Health and Fitness steps into Burgas. The advance sales of membership cards for the club began more than two months before its official opening in mall Galleria Burgas and yet during the first week drew over 350 fans.

Pure Health and Fitness is one of the fastest growing and successful developing chains in the industry. Founded by the creators of the world's largest chain of fitness clubs, Fitness First, it accepts the name we know today in 2008. This is when the expansion of the chain in Eastern Europe - Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria began. Recently it has been introduced on the Asian market too by opening of clubs in Indonesia and Singapore.

Because of the convenient conditions and the huge flow of visitors in Eastern and Southeastern Europe the brand is presented mainly in the shopping centers being built and managed by GTC. In Bulgaria it came firstly in Galleria Stara Zagora and aims to have 20 clubs opened in the country by 2015.

"For the modern people the mall is not just a shopping place. It is a place to spend some of their spare time and have fun. At Pure Fitness this is exactly what they should do - have fun and simultaneously care for their health, shape and tone," says the business development manager Petar Atanasov.

The concept, Pure Fitness relies on has been tested and proven over the years. It is not focused on the muscle gain at all costs and achievement of sports results, but on all who realize that movement is health. It stakes on individual attitude and care for each club member, adapts to his/ hers requirements and complies with his/ hers wishes. There are numerous group activities and the flexible policy allows the formation of new groups with activities chosen depending on the preferences of the members. That's why the club is suitable for people with different goals. All types of training are available to each member of the club. Important are the results, they are being tracked and this is why Pure Fitness does not give priority to single visits.

We want to turn Pure Health and Fitness in Galleria Burgas in a vital part of the city, to fill it with atmosphere and people who care about their shape and self-confidence, say the managers of the club. Situated on an area of 1500 sq.m., supplied with all the latest fitness equipment and facilities, the club has the chance of becoming one of the sport centers of Burgas. Many of its members, who already prepaid their monthly cards that cost from 30 to 65 BGN, said they intend to be part of the club for at least a year.

Pure Health and Fitness will be opened on the 15th of May when will be the official opening of Mall Galleria Burgas too.

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