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DHC Bourgas turned on the local heating

From Thursday on DHC Toplofikaciya Bourgas (district heating company, the company taking care of the centralized heating system in Bourgas) started switching on the heating of all its subscribers in the city. The company was ready to start by request the heat supply to consumers in the middle of October. The abruptly cold snap then led to the request of many households to ask for switching on of the heating earlier than officially stipulated.

The three-day forecast predicts lowering of the average round-the-clock temperatures below 12 degrees and DHC Bourgas officially announced the beginning of the heating season, as required by law. The local heating anyway is being switched on only in the substations with filled internal heating system in order to avoid flooding and damage to the homes of the customers. The fill of internal heating installations is done when the radiators and the radiator valves in the whole building are open. All repairs to internal fittings must be discontinued and access to the substations for the teams of DHC Bourgas must be granted.

Currently, the local heating is on only for 89 substations with empty systems. 12 substations are damaged and the company has offered assistance in repairing them. 5 did not provide access for the experts from DHC Bourgas to verify the systems and 16 substations officially requested later heat supply by request of the residents living in the corresponding blocks of flats.

DHC Bourgas will not increase the prices, despite the dramatic increases in the price of the natural gas and the decision of the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission to raise the price caps. So once again the Burgas customers of the heat company will be among the lucky ones with the lowest prices for heating.


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