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The local heating in Burgas - up to 30 leva

Bills only up to 30 leva for heating and hot water for the cold December will pay more than a half of the subscribers of DHC Bourgas.

The analysis shows that the Burgas citizens continue to pay the lowest bills for this service in the country. Despite the get up of the natural gas, the company managed to keep the prices of the heat unaffected. Thus affordable comfort in the winter months was provided to the local users. The expenditure of the households today is even lower than in was in the past years before the beginning of the crisis.

This winter began earlier at the sea and it is characterized by lower temperatures than the last one. In 2011 the heating season started in November, unlike 2010, when the heating was not turned on until December the 6th. Despite the long period of heating, for the last month of 2011, 51.5% of all household subscribers have bills for up to 30 leva. The low amounts are not, however, at the expense of a lower consumption, the data shows.

27.9% of the households pay from 30 to 60 leva per month. Only 4.8% of the customers of DHC have to pay up to 120 leva, and just 0.5% have generated bills for more than 210 leva.

Statistics shows that a record number, 80% of the families in Burgas are locally heated using the hot water at very attractive and affordable price of up to 60 leva per month. This strongly strengthens the position of this type of heating as the cheapest and at the same time environmental friendly for the population of the seaside town.


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