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Employment accident with a worker in Galleria Burgas

An unfortunate incident clouded the work of intense preparation on the eve of the opening of Galleria Burgas. In employment accident on May, the 3rd, 2012 in the afternoon died the installer Desislav Chakarov 41 years old of Burgas. He is a worker in "Compass-KP" Ltd. The company is a subcontractor of "Amit Constructions" Ltd. bound up in the finishing operations. The man was in a shop on the second floor. He was painting a ceiling with alkyd paint, making minor corrections to it. He was on a scaffold with height 80 meters. Around 13:55 pm he fell from the scaffold. Chakarov hit his head hard on the floor, although he was with a safety helmet. Immediately was sought emergency at telephone 112. At 14:12 o’clock arrived the ambulance. The victim was taken to the emergency room. Decease was ascertained several minutes later in the hospital. An autopsy will be performed. At the site of the mall has arrived a police team for inspection. The competent authorities have begun an investigation to determine the causes for the tragic incident. Investigation will be done by Directorate Labor Inspectorate Executive Agency Burgas, by representatives of National Social Security Institute and by the authorities of Ministry of Interior.

The management of Galleria Burgas expresses its sincere condolences to the family of Desislav Chakarov.

One of the main priorities of GTC, the company investor in Galleria Burgas, is the safety of labor and the health of workers and customers. In this connection, from the companies contractors and subcontractors on the construction activities all the time throughout the construction of the mall, is consistently required strict compliance with healthy and safety labor conditions. Right from the beginning of the construction till now there are no serious employment accidents. From the beginning of the construction on till now there are currently not allowed severe accidents and incidents. Monthly meetings were conducted on safety and instructions on safe work, says engineer Aneta Staleva, coordinator on safety and health Mall Galleria Burgas.

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