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Primorsko honoured the National holiday and worshiped our heroes

The Mayor of Primorsko Dr. Dimitar Germanov along with representatives of the local authorities, brought wreaths and flowers at the commemoration plaque of those who died for the freedom of Bulgaria in the militant Strandja village Yasna Polyana. With a rich cultural and musical program, poems and songs, was resurrected the memory of the ones who sacrificed themselves for the fatherland. Dr. Germanov welcomed the citizens attending on the occasion of the National Day Third March and wished all peace, prosperity and dedication for the welfare of Bulgaria.

On the eve of the biggest Bulgarian holiday, the famous local folk ensemble gave the citizens of Primorsko gala concert show. The hall of community center `Samoobrazovanie` appeared not big enough to accommodate all who wished to experience the magic of Bulgarian folklore. The talented performances proved that the folk traditions are not lost. It was wonderful that the audience was consisting mostly of young people. This proves that in the southern sea Municipality the Bulgarian spirit is strong and resilient, and the residents of Primorsko profess the fundamental values of our nation. Official guests to the show were the Mayor Germanov, Miglena Bartsuleva - Chairman of the Municipal Council and representatives of the municipal administration.

Folk ensemble `Primorsko` has educated and trained more than a 100 people in Bulgarian folklore art for the 11 years of its existence. The city is proud of its ensemble that under the guidance of Hristo Yordanov has repeatedly won the most prestigious national folk festivals.

On the occasion of the Liberation Day, municipal officials and students from School `N. Vaptsarov` also brought wreaths at the memorial plaque `1300 years Bulgaria` in front of municipality Primorsko and waved national flags.

`Third of March is a day of national pride, when we rethink and rediscover freedom as a value. For the Bulgarians it is marked with special sign and dearly paid with the blood of heroes, to whose memory this day we bow our heads. I congratulate you on the national holiday of Republic of Bulgaria! Let's meet it with dignity and high spirits! Let's in defending our European affiliation, we awake our spirit of patriots too! Let's put Bulgaria above all!,` was part of the excited welcome speech of Dimitar Germanov to the residents of the municipality.


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