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Sunny Beach JSC started preparing for the new tourist season

The introduced measures for order and security took positive effect for the quality of the seaside resort

The management of Sunny Beach JSC began active preparations for the new summer season. The first meeting to discuss the highlights of the summer period on initiative of the Board of Directors was held in the resort. In the presence of the Deputy Minister of The Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism, Ivo Marinov, were discussed the problematic issues of the last summer season and the proposals for season 2012.

The meeting was attended also by the Director of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Burgas Commissioner Milen Dimitrov, the chief of the police department in Nessebar Stayko Manev, representatives of the Union of the owners and all members of the Board of Directors of the state company.

Mainly were discussed the introduced last year new traffic rules, order and security in the resort. They affect the control mode, transport scheme, parking in the "Blue Zone", the prohibition of ATVs and golf carts in the alleys, the introduction of requirements for taxis and cars. All rules for traffic and transport introduced, clearly demonstrated their role as guarantor of the safety of holidaymakers and visitors to the complex. The good results were not denied by anyone attending the meeting and one and all shared the opinion that the introduction of the order is of mutual benefit as well as of interest for the image of the Bulgarian tourism in general.

The management of the largest summer resort in Bulgaria has firmly decided to continue this good practice. Particularly good results gave the regulation concerning the taxis in the resort. Last season, 130 taxi ranks were built, as every taxi had a distinctive sticker and the drivers were required to maintain a good aesthetic appearance, as applied in all European countries. Thus were eliminated the illegal transport, the frauds with exorbitant prices per kilometer, the driving in jerseys or even shorts, that were practiced in previous years. As a result of the introduction of a control regime, the large number of prostitutes, pickpockets and thieves within the resort was crossed too. The traditional crowd of criminal contingent of all the country was overcome by the joint efforts of the management of Sunny Beach JSC and MI. Except that thus crimes in mass form were averted this has greatly improved the image of Sunny Beach as a safe and pleasant place for a holiday too.

From the analysis of the MI representatives it became clear that the introduced last year rules and control in the most problematic Bulgarian resort, led to a significant fall in the crime and complains of the tourists. The overall conclusion is that the policies implemented in season 2011, despite the opposition from certain parties, are extremely positive, which necessitates their improvement.

The fact that there are still many problems to solve in the tourist complex was recognized at the meeting. Not all decisions of the company's management were most effective, but a good basis for removing the shortcomings was set. Irregularities have been accumulated for years in Sunny Beach, fueled by the longstanding uninterested behavior of the state. All participants agreed that it is good to resolve the issues and conflicts not by confrontation, demonstrations and rallies, but by mutual dialogue, understanding and compromise in the name of the common goal to develop our tourism.

To easily and effectively resolve conflicts in the coming season, the management of the company expressed its willingness to discuss and seek a solution for each individual case, concerning the internal order and the transport scheme, they are signalized for.


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