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The new generation malls comes with Galleria Burgas

The center becomes one of cultural centers at the sea

Galleria Burgas initiates the new generation of mega trade and entertainment centers in our country. The mall will be officially opened on 15th of May and the people will be invited to shop and entertain there. The investors explained yet before the official opening that Galleria Burgas will be something more than the till now known similar projects in Bulgaria. It has the ambition to become one of the recognizable and attractive cultural venues at the sea. This was announced at the press conference by the representative of the investor GTC - Mr. Shalom Mor. The mall is being opened in times of general economic crisis and this proves the confidence of the investor in the sustainable upward development of Bulgaria and particularly of the South Black Sea coast.

The construction of Galleria Burgas started about 2 years ago. For this time the contractor of the project - "Planex" Ltd and its subcontractors hired a total of 1,500 workers - all from the region. And after the end of the construction activities Galleria Burgas will continue to be among the largest local employers. The shops and restaurants of the mall will be serviced approximately by 700 people, the security and cleaning will be done by other 200 employees. "This is our way to help the local economy - by creating jobs," said the mall manager, Simona Parvanova.

Galleria Burgas is the first trade and entertainment complex of an international rank in the city. It is 100% owned by the based in Warsaw company Globe Trade Centre SA / GTC /, which has repeatedly been declared Investor # 1 in the years to Central and Eastern Europe. In the construction and put in operation of the project in Burgas are invested over ? 75 million by the owner GTC Bulgaria.

Galleria Burgas has 87,793 square meters total floorage of which 58,147 sq.m are above ground and 29,645 square meters are underground. The commercial areas are located on 37,000 square meters. On an area of 3550 square meters is located the green roof that is not only a unique park area for recreation of the visitors, but increases the insulation and energy saving qualities of the building too.

The mall is comprised of various-sized shops selling clothes, shoes, accessories, home appliances and other goods by leading manufacturers and global fashion brands. Through it for the first time in the region will enter iconic companies as: H & M, Inditex - Zara, Bershka, Galleria Scandal, Fusion, Humanic, Shoes love bags, Oysho, Lee cooper, Lilly /drugstore/, Ola /fast food/, cafe Mauro and many others. In the structure of the complex are included supermarket Carrefour, numerous bars and restaurants, multiplex cinema with 10 halls and opportunities for 4D movies, huge Pure Fitness and Playground, exhibition and animation halls, presentation rooms, conferences and tastings, convenient and extensive over-ground and underground garages.

The interest showed by the tenants is unprecedented. 90% of the areas are occupied before the ribbon is cut. "The presence of the largest global brands is proof that the conditions are ideal and that ensures the success of our project," commented Shalom Mor. It is expected daily average of 30-40 thousand people to visit the new Burgas mall. During the first week after the opening the forecast is for the record more than 70 thousand people per day.

Coming in Burgas GTC strives not only to awaken the consumption in the city. Galleria Burgas shows a serious request for an active social life too, with opportunities to increase the tourist flow to the nearly 300,000-sitizens city. The team has already developed an extensive program of initiatives during the year. Exhibitions, concerts, film festivals will complement the cultural life of Burgas. The complex will be an educational center too - here on a previously announced program will be held various seminars on different topics for the many students in the city.

Extremely intense is the program of the wine tasting hall. "Burgas cultural evenings" is the event which will become a tradition, and on Saturday and Sunday there will be initiatives for children. For the foreign tourists have already been contracted three performances per day, which within 15 minutes will present the Bulgarian traditions and folklore.

Most attractive to the visitors are the exhibitions "Bulgaria in Miniature" which promotes emblematic Bulgarian monuments and nature landmarks. Hollywood in Galleria for the first time in our country shows original props of the most cult film productions and will undoubtedly become one of the most attractive displays for Bulgarians and foreigners. Although with a different message, the two exhibitions vividly demonstrate that for GTC, to show in an unconventional way the most attractive sides of Bulgaria and to provide unknown till now opportunities for entertainment, has become a cause. As a gesture to the city - the host organizer of the exhibition "Bulgaria in Miniature" Sunny Sunninski proposed the inclusion of one of the four emblematic for the city places - The churches "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" and "Virgin Mary", the building of the City Hall and the whole Sea Garden. The voting for the preferences of the citizens will be conducted over Internet.

Along with the construction of this very attractive site, the investors built too new and modern infrastructure for access, a new bicycle, car and pedestrian street and a new beautiful park for the nearby situated housing estate. Galleria Burgas will increase the overall quality of life in the region; will offer new and necessary services for the people and the tourism.

The press conference on the occasion of the official opening was attended by Mariusz Kozlowski - member of the board of directors of GTC, Shalom Mor - representative of GTC Bulgaria, Ivana Bozicevic - leasing manager for Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia, Simona Parvanova - Mall Manager Galleria Burgas, Sunny Suninski - author of the exhibition "Bulgaria in Miniature" and Hristo Kotsev - initiator of the exhibition Hollywood in Galleria.

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