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Nessebar celebrates the Day of St. Trifon by an old Bulgarian tradition

The festival of new wine brought hundreds of people to Gyulyovca village

Nessebar municipality celebrated the Day of St. Trifon by an old Bulgarian tradition with pruning of the vineyard. The Mayor of Nessebar Nikolay Dimitrov, the chairman of the agricultural cooperative in Nessebar Stayko Gurgov, deputy mayors, the women of group "Bulgarian woman" to center "Yana Laskova" and many citizens gathered at the vineyards earlier today and performed the ritual, as the tradition requires. Stayko Gurgov was the first to prune the vineyard, followed by the mayor Nikolay Dimitrov, who wished to all growers, vintners and tavern keepers, good health, prosperity and rich harvest.

A little later Gyulyovtsa village accommodated hundreds lovers of the home-made wine who came to celebrate the second edition of the Festival of home-made wine. This cultural product was created by the Nessebar municipality last year, as its goal is in this attractive and entertaining way to present and validate on the market the local wine production. This good tradition continued this year too, but now the feast was moved and celebrated namely on the day of wine and love - the 14th of February.

In the colorful festival today, a total of 12 wine producers from various constituent towns and villages of Nessebar Municipality presented their new vintages and various white and red wines. And as they say revelry can't be done without wine, but without songs and dances too. For this part of the celebration took care the amateur groups from community center "Svetlina" ("Light" in Bulgarian), Gyulyovca village, who gave a festive concert with many Bulgarian folk dances (horo, Bulgarian traditional ring dance) and songs. The twelve types of wine were tasted by a special committee that had to determine which one is best. After long reflection, they put the wine of Valentin Lazarov Kolev on the top spot and proclaimed him king of the vineyard, according to the tradition of Trifon's Day. His diploma was presented by the Mayor of Nessebar Nikolay Dimitrov. "When the idea to create this holiday was born, one of our goals was to give people an occassion to gather and celebrate together as at the same time to show their skills in producing homemade wine. Now for a second year I see so many people here and I am glad that our goal has been fulfilled because only united we can move forward and overcome every difficulty," Nikolay Dimitrov said.

Even after the contest for the best wine came to its end, the revelry continued for a long time and the folk songs and dances as the red wine, warmed the people despite the cold winter day.

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