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Primorsko celebrated Saint Trifon the Pruner Day with a competition for regional wines

A competition for regional wines in honor of Trifon Zarezan (February 1st and 14th: Trifon Zarezan, Saint Trifon the Pruner Day;The Bulgarian holiday of vine-growers and wine-makers) put a start of a new tradition in the coastal village Novo Panicharevo. The competitive battle between 11 local wine producers took out of the cliche the standard celebration of February the 14th and gave a serious sign for the future of the winemaking in the region of Primorsko.

The jury consisting of three experts assessed each of the participating wines by color, clarity, aroma, taste and basic residues notes. Best for 2012 was the wine of Todor Dimitrov. Todor Aknapoliev and Dimitar Georgiev shared the second and third place. The Mayor of Primorsko Dr. Dimitar Germanov was a special guest to the competition. Dr. Germanov gladly joined the selection of the wines and shared to the attendees the ambitions of the local authorities for maximum support of the private wine producers in the region and to provide timely prop in the implementation of the best European practices. The fact that in the region of Primorsko are grown the best Bulgarian varieties of dessert and wine grapes and the large number of sunny days in this part of the country, determine the high sugar degree of the grapes. Thus the wine growers in Primorsko can boast of the excellent conditions for production on a world level. Namely because of the high quality wine from this region, according to experts it is possible Primorsko soon to register local brands boutique wines.

Except a member of the the jury, the mayor, Dr. Dimitar Germanov was chosen by the local forestry to perform the ritual cutting of the vines too. Fruitful and successful year was wished by Dr. Germanov to the presents. Celebrations in the village of Veselie continued the holiday of Saint Trifon the Pruner Day. A little later in Primorsko was organized ritual procession. Dozens of citizens flocked to Uzundzhata locality, where the traditions were observed in the vineyards of the famous vintner Atanas Kirov. The honor to carry out the festive pruning was given to the secretary of the municipality Maria Georgieva.


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