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Newest IT technology in the Gymnasium of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Burgas

The school opens an ultramodern computer lab in March

The latest technology in IT industry is being introduced in the Burgas Gymnasium of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. The 41st anniversary of "Academician Nicola Obreshkov" appeared to be a good occasion for the school to give itself a new computer lab equipped with the latest word in technology.

In early March innovative ultra thin Sun ray devices produced by Oracle, connected via a virtual desktop infrastructure, will replace the conventional PCs used till now. The system is known in the computer circles as "private cloud" or cloud technology and is composed of one server and 15 clients that use remote software. Depending on the number of users, the number of customers can be increased from ten to several thousands.

The investment in the computer room is adds up to 20 000 BGN, as the money come entirely from the budget of the school. The innovation will allow the economy of resources and reduce the energy and maintenance costs. In the hardware upgrade only the server device will be updated, not as till now each computer. Unlike conventional computers, the average time to first failure of the desktop devices of Oracle is 10 whole years. The management of the system will be done through predefined parameters for authorized access, through smart cards and encryption for the remote devices, which increases extra the level of security and ensures the prevention of unwanted attacks. The system offers complete protection and management of the network traffic, allowing integration and secure data protection of electronic diary, calendar server and many other applications suitable for the education field. One of the unique features PMG Burgas will have is the so-called "Hot desking". With it, each user will be able to change its location during the working process without to interrupt his current job and without losing information.

According to experts in the IT industry till a few years, the public cloud services in the world will grow 5 times faster than the entire IT market. Always greater demands on available resources will turn the technology to a fundamental part of the consumption of information techniques. Only in 2011 the providers of that service recorded a 30% growth in users, compared to 2010.

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