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The managing director of Image Advertising is lecturing on PR in BFU

Mrs. Alberta Alkalay is teaching the students the refinements of the art of public relations.

During the present semester the students from speciality public relations in the fourth course have a round of lectures prepared and red by the managing director of Image Advertising Mrs. Alberta Alkalay. The students will become familiar with the genuine practice of public relations concerning the work with clients, business partners and the means of mass information during the lectures on discipline “Public relations practice” which is a combination of lectures and practical training. A special point is being allowed on organizing and conducting of PR campaigns and special events. The specific requirements concerning the relations to the press, radio, TV, Internet, photography, documentary films and other public relations means are being analyzed within the range of the course. The students have the opportunity to trace concrete situations which require crisis PR, the differences between controlled and uncontrolled media etc.

During the course Alberta Alkalay accepts on the following: the image in contemporary business, its construction in the time of the global technologies and the new media. She discusses the concepts corporative image, corporative culture, social responsibility and business ethics in the light of the media and their right to defend the truth in the public space, together with the students. A special place is divided to the methods for effective communication and good public reputation building.

Besides the concise round of lectures the future PR specialists will have practical classes with real PR campaigns and events by means of CD, DVD and original PR movies. After the end of the curriculum it is expected all the students to have knowledge concerning basic concepts like PR and PR campaigns’ functions, special events, radio, press and TV connections, the ways to create news and to work with the media, the basic steps of the crisis PR and corporate image building.

In progress of the course every student will receive an assignment - to write a course paper on a subject matter specified in advance. It must be connected to conducting of PR campaign, probation led in a place of interest, participation in a concrete promotion or press conference. The aim is the students to analyze and put forward a PR campaign plan or to analyze the organization and realization of an event from the point of view of the communications with the inner and outer audiences.

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