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Sarkozy Meets Nurses Relatives

 The french candidate-president recieves  them in his office

The Supreme Court in Libya will most probably
 have a hearing of the AIDS trial against the
 Bulgarian nurses on May 18

 The relatives of the nurses kept prisoners in Libya will meet with Nicolas Sarkozy from the Union for a Popular Movement, candidate for president at France's presidential elections 2007. Nicolas Sarkozy has changed his weekly schedule for this meeting. He will receive the medics' relatives in his office. Marian - Zdravko Georgiev's son, Ivailo - the son of Snezhana Dimitrova, Gergana - Valya Chervenyashka's daughter, Tsvetanka - Valentina Siropoulo's sister-in-law, and Radoslav - Nasya Nenova's son, will tell Sarkozy about the tortures the Bulgarian medics have undergone. The meeting between Sarkozy and the medics' relatives has been organized by the activists of the You Are Not Alone campaign initiated by the Standart, bTV and Darik Radio in support of the nurses. This is not the first time that Nicolas Sarkozy demonstrates solidarity with the Bulgarian medics. On the eve of March 8 - the International Women's Day -Sarkozy called on his compatriots to mobilize in support of the five Bulgarian nurses kept prisoners in the Jamahiriya. It was than that he emphasized: "For over eight years now the nurses have been kept in prison in Libya on framed-up charges of deliberately infecting children with HIV."


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