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Banker shot trophies and fights for a gold medal

The head of Municipal Bank Dimitar Kolev and his partner Panayot Kiryakov shot near dam Rakov Dol in Strandja Mountain two wild boars with a record size tusks - 22 cm each. The trophy animals themselves are very impressive too, Dimitar Kolev said. The two boars are huge, as their combined weight exceeds half a tonne.

Financier Dimitar Kolev is a member of hunting party `Rakov Dol` and believes that with such a shot he can easily overcome for at least one gold medal. Rarely the hunters can boast with boar's teeth, whose length exceeds 25 cm.

During hunt and before elections is when people lie the most. To make the hunting stories sound truthful, 80 years ago in Berlin was adopted an unified scoring European system for assessment of the trophies on various indicators, said Sahak Sahakyan, President of the Regional Commission for assessment of trophies. Concerning wild boar, the most points are accumulated by the width of the two lower teeth and their average length. Of importance are also the circumference of the two upper teeth, the beauty and symmetry of the trophy. To get a gold medal, a trophy needs at least 120 points. If the points exceed 130, the trophy is considered a capital one i.e. extremely rare.

Wild boar is the widely distributed big game in Bulgaria. In the Strandja region traditionally are hunted some of the best trophies. Each year, over 20 of them are awarded with gold medals. Last year 3000 wild boars are shot in the area, all the trophies undergone evaluation and many of them received medals. Bigger, respectively, with more points are the teeth of the older animals. The evaluation of the trophies is one of the ways for professionals to become acquainted with the population and quality of wildlife in our forests.

Both wild boars, shot by Dimitar Kolev and Panayot Kiryakov, have chances to get medals, with which another record will be made - two trophies shot from one hunting trip. Their tusks are given to the committee for evaluation, and the lucky hunters expect their medals.


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