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DHC Bourgas honored at a branch meeting in the National Assembly

The company came with proposals for legislative changes in favor of the client

Meeting on a subject `The Status and Problems of the district heating companies during the heating season,` was held yesterday at the initiative of the Committee on Economic Policy, Energy and Tourism to the National Assembly. Within the regular meeting were invited representatives of the major District Heating Companies in Bulgaria, SEWRC (State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission), Chamber of Commerce, consumer organizations, syndicates and associations of the area, in order to comment on the difficulties that the industry has experienced in the winter and on how to improve the overall service, provided by the district heating companies.

The unofficial reason for the meeting became the scandal that erupted in early February with the high January bills of DHC Sofia.

In an analysis of the companies the most efficient one emerged to be DHC Burgas because of the continued low price of the service and the higher collection of duties. The average price for heat in Burgas for 2011 is with 2.2% lower than it was in 2007, although the natural gas has increased its price by more than 50% for the period. The information over the years shows that the average price for heating at the sea was reduced by 4.3% from 2011 towards 2008, 6.4% from 2011 towards 2009 and by 3.4% for 2010 compared to 2011.

Towards February 2012 there was no change in the price of the heating for the customers of DHC Burgas in relation to January last year and even then they were again in a downward direction. In the moment the thermal energy with heat carrier hot water costs 63.88 BGN VAT excluded as the price for December 2010 was 67.44 BGN, VAT excluded.

During the meeting the Chairman of the Committee on Energetics Valentin Nikolov launched the idea to introduce a monthly detection of the share distribution devices in order to have more precise equalization accounts. The information shows that in the Burgas Company this practice has long been available as for more than 95% of the subscribers the received accounts are final.

The director of DHC Toplofikaciya Burgas, eng. Valio Duchev presented to the interested ones a number of proposals for changes in the Energy Act. According to him, it is extremely important for the consumers to choose themselves their method of distribution of heat, as well as to simplify at the most the methods of share allocation. Currently, the customers experience strong difficulties in the interpretation of their heating bills. According to Mr. Duchev the legislature should pay special attention to the bad practice of the district heating companies to collect the duties to the dealers of share distribution and to validate their prices to the customers.

The Burgas company reported that based on the quantity of energy supplied in Burgas they do not expect significant differences between the bills for January and February. Although in February the average temperature was 1 degree lower, the customers who have kept their consumer behavior in January too, will receive nearly identical bills for February. We do recall that in Burgas the large-scale heating bills for the first month of 2012 or 66.3%, are up to 30 BGN, while only 5.8% exceeded the sum of 90 BGN.


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