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Lubomir Kaludov MD won another ‘lay’ award

Doctor Lubomir Kaludov added another award to the many "amateur" prizes he already possesses. His photo shot "At a queue for yachts" received one of the three major awards at the photo contest “Shores. Meetings. Worlds" that was held in the German city of Cologne (Köln), after fighting with over 600 photographs of 90 other non-professionals. Another picture of the one of the Burgas surgeon was classed too in the contested. The photo competition is organized by the club "Buditeli" (Bulgarian for ‘Leaders of the Bulgarian National’) supported by the State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad and the Office for Foreigners at the Cologne University. The jury consisting of four highly competent professionals sifted out the hundreds of photographs in order to have a preliminary classification of the best 35 images. The finalists were presented at the exhibition opening on 8 December in the restaurant of the Cologne University refectory.

The master of the scalpel and the word, amateur archaeologist and "photographer half-    professional" this time directed the lens of his sarcasm towards one of the most outrageously popular "products" of our society and the least likely of their buyers /see photo/. With the prize for this picture began his career as an awarded photographer. If it will be long or short and what roads it will walk to reach the top is imminent /read "Skupi Tupcho’ (Bulgarian for ‘Dear dullard") – the last is not a form of address but a title of a collection of short stories/.

Dr. Lubomir Kaludov is a repeated winner of awards for poetry and prose. There is no information if he ever received awards for photography. Therefore we believe that "At a queue for yachts' will be the beginning of his conquest of new lay heights.


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