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Playstation tournament analogous to Euro 2012 runs at mall Galleria Burgas

The unique event brought gamers from across the country together

True to the idea to fit into the social life of the city and to create entertainment for all mall Galleria Burgas organizes numerous initiatives. This time the unique event is a PlayStation tournament in FIFA 12 which is organized jointly with Radio Power FM. The contest is called Power Football 2012, was launched a day after the official opening of EURO 2012 and is being played according to a scheme which is a copy of the tournament form of the European football championship.

Gamers from all around the country took part in the qualifications held this Saturday / 8th of June/ starting at 10:00 am at the biggest mall on the south coast. A challenged battle determined the 16 best among the 90 enrolled players and the same afternoon began the first round of the tournament. The finalists were divided into 4 groups as each player represents one of the 16 national football teams participating in Euro 2012.

The games take place in mall Galleria Burgas and will continue four consecutive Saturdays, until 30th of June inclusive. Forthcoming are the ? and ? finals and the last Saturday of the month will be clear the winner in Power Football 2012.

As in Euro 2012 here are commentators too. Radio Power FM, a partner in the organization of the tournament, took care of all PlayStation and football fans that are not able to attend and support their favorites, to be informed of the progress of the tournament as it broadcasts live for them from Power Football 2012.

For the best gamer the organizers from mall Galleria Burgas and Radio Power FM have prepared an attractive prize - a two-day package for two at a boutique hotel in Ahtopol. No less attractive, however, are the other awards – travel card for 4 trips by Bulgaria Fastferry, jersey of the football player Jeremy Fo-Pouret and souvenirs from PSFC "Chernomorets-Burgas," vouchers for shops Kenvelo and Paolo Botticelli, for restaurants Ola, gifts from pharmacies Subra.

Prizes are provided for all fans of football and PlayStation, who come to Power Football 2012 to support their favorite player or team. You can join them every Saturday until the end of the month from 16:00 pm in the atrium of mall Galleria Burgas in front of "Technopolis" store.

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