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Burgas harbors ‘Bulgaria in Miniature’

Galleria Burgas will be the host of the unique exhibition  

The unique exhibition ‘Bulgaria in Miniature’ (literally: "Bulgaria on a hand") comes to Burgas. After years of moving to different metropolitan halls, now the exhibition is harbored by Galleria Burgas.

The miniature copies of the most famous landmarks, connected with the history of Bulgaria, will be presented on the second floor of the shopping and entertainment center on an area of 800 sq. m. The 3D exhibition will open on May 15th right after the official opening of mall Galleria Burgas.

"For us and for GTC, who are building Galleria Burgas, this will be an experiment. Our "mini Bulgaria" will be the exhibit in the Gallery", the creator of the exhibition, the director Sunny Sunninski metaphorically expressed himself.

‘Bulgaria in Miniature’ for the first time will be exhibited in a location with direct flow of tourists. For the first time in our country a shopping and entertainment center aims to present and advertise the country, which turns it to a cultural and educational center.

The exhibition will enable the tourists to travel over Bulgaria within an hour, to look into the darkest corners of the fortress Tsarevets, to hear the shot from the first rifle in Koprivshtitsa, which inaugurated the April uprising, to nip up even to the iron church "Saint Stefan" in Istanbul. Next door all sensations of our country will acquire sound, taste and smell through the organized tastings, folk concerts and presentation of Bulgarian traditions, for which also will be assigned a special presentation room. Thus Galleria Burgas will add to the concept of malls of new generation another outline - the cognitive one, probably it will become a separate tourist destination too.

The exhibition comprises 29 miniature models - exact copies of famous Bulgarian monuments. Made on a scale of 1:40 to 1:800, they create the full illusion of a tourist tour around the country. Here are the Kazanlak Tomb, the Madara Horseman, "Baba Vida" fortress, Assenova fortress, the Nessebar church "Christ Pantocrator," the covered bridge in Lovech, the ship "Radetzky," church-monument "Alexander Nevski," the Varna cathedral "Virgin Mary" and other cherished for the Bulgarian history monuments. The only scale models that are not made smaller but enlarged are the ones representing the Bulgarian gold treasures and they are also made of gold. In fact, all models are created with the same materials the originals are built with. Therefore their elaboration is expensive and slow. Recreating an object takes between 4 and 8 months and costs 14 to 18 thousand BGN. They are made by a team of prominent Bulgarian miniature model makers, sculptures, gaffers and sound engineers working together in Studio "Bulgaria in Miniature."

The exhibition aims to make people, when they look to a miniature model, to wish to visit the original too. The first 9 exhibits were ready in 2005 when the exhibition started. The other 20 models were made bit by bit over the years thanks to donors. Now among the "founders" of the valuable Bulgarian collection is the foreign investor GTC too.

Stepping on the Bulgarian market, the company began to seek a non-traditional way for integral presentation of the country to invest money in. It desires to get to know the people, their perceptions, needs, culture and traditions in order to present them to the world, not with cards and videos, but by something unusual. The company liked the approach of Studio ‘Bulgaria in Miniature’ and began to support all its undertakings - the exhibition of the same name, "Mobile guide" and the project in implementation "Sofia - wisdom in action."

The exposition ‘Bulgaria in Miniature’ has not traveled much. Being opened in Veliko Tarnovo, it has represented the country in Brussels at the signing of the EU Accession Treaty and has stopped in Svishtov too on its way back. It comes to Burgas with an innovative element. So far the exhibition has always been theatrically presented in a large hall with common light and sound. Galleria Burgas provides a possibility to experiment in a new way and each of the exhibits to "come alive" with its own individual sound and light. There will be a mini workshop also where all comers with the help of a specialist will have the opportunity to fit together a miniature model of paper.

Its authors of ‘Bulgaria in Miniature’ expect proposals for Burgas landmark buildings that can be included in the exhibition. The visitors will recognize the Burgas railway station, but in fact it is the one of Varna - its design was used in elaborating the model. An option of making up a model of the church "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" is being considered, but according to the creators of the exposition there are many other notable buildings here too. Which one to represent the city? - The initiative remains in the people of Burgas.


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