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‘St. Pimen Zografski’ church is among the most important Bulgarian monuments

The Kraimorie church applies for national award

The orthodox Church "St. Pimen Zografski" located in the Burgas quarter Kraimorie can be appraised as one of the most significant Bulgarian monuments of historical importance. The Church was nominated in the national competition "Building of the Year" for 2011 and will compete for the top honor in category "Sport, Culture and Education" with other 8 buildings.

"St. Pimen Zografski" was designed and built entirely by donations and its founders have already received recognition from the society. The director of the National Museum of History Prof. Bozidar Dimitrov thanked them for their efforts to strengthen the Bulgarian national spirit in the seaside towns of Bulgaria. In a gesture of empathy the museum donated to the church at its sanctification in mid-October a fragment of the Holy Cross. "In the present financial crisis, you have found strength and resources for a short period of time to implement and put into effect this ambitious and wonderful project," Dimitrov wrote in his letter of thanks to the church founders. As a scholar and historian, he appreciates the architectural qualities of the church, adhering to the medieval tradition of temple building, which has contributed to the appearance of the city and its history.

In the southern quarter of Burgas, which until recently was the village of Kraimorie, there was no Orthodox Church. Now there stands one of the most beautiful churches in Bulgaria, built entirely with the funds of private donors. The temple has a real chance to be recognized as one of the best achievements in architecture, construction and investment and to obtain the high prize ‘Building of the Year’ which is being bestowed by a professional jury. It can receive the ‘Audience Award’ too. The organizers of the competition allow everyone to nominate their favorite by voting online on the web site of ‘Building of the Year.’

Why support the church ‘St. Pimen Zografski’?

Because this church is truly unique. Not only in the way it is designed and build, entirely from donations. It is the only temple in the country, which bears the name of the great Bulgarian saint St. Pimen, who was recovering Bulgarian Churches during the Ottoman rule. It is remarkable for its overall conception, construction, exterior and interior design.

"St. Pimen Zografski" is a spiritual part of Zograph monastery. In the foundations of the building were laid a foundation stone and earth from the Bulgarian sanctuary "St. George Zograf " which is located in Mount Athos. And this is another reason to give our support to the temple.

From 1 to 14 December to we can vote for the church "St. Pimen Zografski" Vote here!

More about the church can be found here.


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