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Crisis center is working in Nessebar

Once the weather conditions in Nessebar municipality broke in the middle of last week, the organization of the Bulgarian Red Cross in the city started working as a crisis center with the help and support of the Municipal Administration. There anyone in need receives daily hot and nutritious food, coffee and tea, warm clothes and a room in which to have the meals and to rest of the freezing cold outside.

Besides the food, shelter and clothing, BRC and Nessebar municipality are striving to help those in need in any other way too, with a view to the bad weather, the freezing temperatures and the strong winds during the past few days. Thus yesterday two destitute families were assisted with firewood, because at that time they did not have any. On behalf of the charity organization, Violeta Georgieva, a representative of Nessebar BRC, thanked to the municipal councilors Kostadin Nishtelkov and Penko Pentchev, thanks to which the fir was provided and delivered to the homes of the people, as she did not lose the occasion to thank the Municipality of Nessebar for the constant aid too. She also said that everybody with joint efforts will continue to provide food, clothing, hot drinks and everything necessary to help the needy inhabitants of the Municipality of Nessebar.



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