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Santa surprised the children of the Home for children and youths with special needs in Kermen

The joyful moments happened thanks to Municipality Sliven and "Dynamo" JSC

The early appearance of Santa surprised the children of the Home for children and youths with mental illness located in the town of Kermen. On December 21 he delighted them with piles of gifts. This year Santa was very generous to them because he brought too the news that they are not forgotten and abandoned. In his effort to donate an unforgettable experience for the children this Christmas the magical old man was not alone. Sliven Municipality and "Dynamo" JSC as being always responsive to the most vulnerable in our society helped him.

"It is our duty to be civic and emotionally involved with the pain of the weakest. So in our company policy social responsibility is a priority" the Executive Director of "Dynamo" Sliven Georgi Stoyanov said.

Municipality Sliven and "Dynamo" jointly donated to the Kermen Home Christmas gifts, detergents and diapers totaling BGN 4000. The donation was handed over at a Christmas party by Yordanka Gasheva, Senior expert "Social Activities", Svetomir Minchev, department "Protocol" in Sliven Municipality and Georgi Stoyanov. The mayor of Sliven Mr. Kolyo Milev sent a congratulatory letter and wished health and many happy moments to the children and the people taking care of and loving them.

"The support we received on the eve of the greatest Christian holiday Christmas is invaluable to us. It is useful, practical and timely because it comes just when we really need help. But most importantly, it brought warmth in the hearts of the children and made them happy." With these words Sabina Slavova, director of the social Home expressed her gratitude to the contributors

In order to direct their donation to the ones in the greatest need, Sliven municipality and the management of "Dynamo" made a thorough study of the needs of the orphanages in the Sliven region. At the home in Kermen now are residing 32 children and adolescents aged 4 to 21 years who need special care and treatment. The government bears the financial responsibility for the maintenance of the social institutions, but the moral responsibility for the children pertains to the whole society, the contributors consider.

"Dynamo" Sliven always strived to share the care of the difficult life of the "different" children. The engineering plant that few years ago managed to strengthen itself economic and to become a world leader in the electrical mechanical engineering, participates actively in the public and social life of Sliven. It is looking purposefully for the most vulnerable in order to share their pain and to help them. For this year this is the second major charity campaign of "Dynamo". At the end of last winter, 60 children from the Home for medical social care were at stake, the company secured them heat as donating EURODIESEL worth BGN 5,000

Now the joint initiative of "Dynamo" and Sliven JSC is an example of symbiosis between the business and the local authorities in the name of the noblest purpose - to help where support is needed.

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