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UN delegation arrives in Bulgaria

The President of Communities of Nations for Peace to UN arrives in Bulgaria
Mister Albert Konan-Koffi and the lawyer Gilbert Collard arrive on March 12th

The management of the organization to UN, which took up with the urgent liberation of the medics arrested in Libya, arrives on visit in Bulgaria.  In an official letter to PR Agency Image Advertising, the President, Mr. Albert Konan-Koffi announced, that he personally accompanied by the Secretary-General of the Organization as well as by the world-famous lawyer Gilbert Collard will come to Bulgaria on 12th of March this year.  The designation of their visit is to meet the families and the relatives of the nurses. In the letter is said too, that the visit is a result of UN’s intervention in a matter of reconsideration of the lawsuit and cancellation of the death sentences of the Bulgarian medics in Libya.

PR agency Image Advertising took the initiative to engage UN for the just settlement of the nurses’ tragedy from the end of December, proceeding from the idea, that the problem must become a matter of maximum world significance. The agency received an official written authorization from our medics through their relatives.

Mr. Albert Konan-Koffi declared, this mission is honor for them and more than ever the destiny of our nurses is a part of their main and most significant affairs.

The management of Communities of Nations for Peace insists on calming the relatives, the families and the friends of the nurses, but mostly the medics themselves, with the assurance, that the extremely high international forum that UN represents, has already concrete actions and program in order to solve the case. Mr. Konan-Koffi contacted the Libyan authorities and expects soon to be welcomed personally by the President of Libya – colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi in connection to the nurses.

“It is obvious, that a large country as Libya and its respected President, colonel al-Gaddafi, know, that the history of the interrelations between the nations and the people is being written with the truth and the common sense.” – is said in the official document of the UN’s branch organization. And more: “The Drama we witness today does not make happy anybody. Nobody can glorify himself or to be proud of it. Nobody would want this drama to remain a stigma in the history of Peace between the nations of the new peaceful generation.”

The situation of our medics in Libya was discussed on a plenary meeting of the French Senate. The discussion was started by Mr. Robert Badinter, senator, speaker of the Standing Advisory Committee of the Parliamentarians. The French Deputies have staged „a Parliamentary Committee for Support of the Liberation of the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor under detention in Libya”. The official petition for the liberation of the Bulgarian women was introduced by Mrs. Patricia Schillinger – Senator and President of the Standing Advisory Committee of the Parliamentarians in Communities of Nations for Peace and Mr. Lillian Zanchi – Deputy and Vice President of the same committee.

Each one of the 12 Standing Advisory Committees of Communities of Nations for Peace will sign a similar petition in addition to the petition made by the French Senate, concerning the same subject matter on a national level in France as well as on an international one on the line of UN, concerning the Deputations in their Standing Delegations in the different countries, the President, Mr. Albert Konan-Koffi said.

This open petition can be seen on their Internet site:

Mr. Albert Konan-Koffi addresses to “all the Nations, without distinction of faith and religion..”, in a personal message connected to his own appeal for solidarity and charity.

“And today we have the opportunity to write together in the history of peace a whole new page of dignity, honor and humanity. Today the Libyan people and their President, Colonel Al-Gaddafi have the chance to leave in history one of the greatest examples of belief in life and people, in the name of Peace.

Because in this drama, that overwhelms us deep and that involves us all, there are no victorious or casualties. Doesn’t matter, what the end will be, there can never be victorious or casualties.  


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