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The budget of Primorsko municipality has been adopted

The administration prepares four projects for funding and will build a museum with own funds

The budget of Primorsko municipality for 2012 will be 16,287,639 BGN. At its regular meeting on February 15th, the municipal councilors suggested an increase with 108,800 BGN in the estimates framework of 16,178,839 BGN. The proposal was accepted and the budget was unanimously approved by the votes of all 12 councilors in the sea municipality.

"We're moving in the right direction. The way you voted for this budget proves that, and I sincerely hope we will be able to implement it," the Mayor of Primorsko Dr. Dimitar Germanov said.

The municipal administration will continue successfully and at accelerated rates to develop projects for funding under different programs. The councilors approved the proposals of the Mayor for the municipality to apply with projects in four funding programs. Two of the projects will be moved in the "Programme for Rural Development 2007 - 2013." The administration is hoping to get 2 million BGN for renovation of the cemeteries in all settlements on its territory, where to build new paths, fountains and chapels. The other project under this program will be directed to Measure 226 "Restoring of the forestry potential and introducing prevention actions." A project on OP "Regional Development 2007 - 2013," will be elaborated too and it will support the development of regional tourism product and marketing of the destinations. A proposal on project "Beautiful Bulgaria" has been prepared for funding for the repairs and reconstruction of the Home for adults with disabilities in Yasna Polyana. The projects under this program require financing, so funds from the budget will be allocated corresponding to 20% of the grant won.

At its expense the municipality will design and build a museum in Primorsko. For that purpose 30 000 BGN are allocated of the budget. With 15,000 BGN own funds will be carried out repair of the polyclinic too.

The councilors proposed and voted an increase of the fee for cable with a length of 968 meters of the Holiday House of Globul from 960 to 2000 BGN. Thus the annual general incomings from Globul in the Primorsko budget, including fee and rent for the position of the cable on municipal land, will amount to 20 000 BGN.

Primorsko municipality continues to pursue its policy of social orientation. The councilors voted all the proposed outlay for social activities in the estimates. Funds are envisaged to support the born in the last two years nearly 70 children whose parents receive from the municipality 429 BGN per month. A change in the Ordinance for granting financial aid to the people of Primorsko Municipality was voted, stating that the children born after December 31st, 2011, will be granted one time relief fund of 500 BGN. Eligible for such aid will only be the parents who are domiciled in Primorsko municipality, living in the municipality and to the date of birth of the child at least one of them lived here over the past 5 years. The parents must file the application for financial aid within 3 months after the childbirth.


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