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Sixty percent of the new bills for heating in Burgas are up to 30 BGN

February brought no surprises for the subscribers of TPP Burgas. While in other cities the clients of the DHCs are shocked by the high bills for the last month, in Burgas the obligations are almost identical to those of January.

For heating during the coldest month this winter - February, 18 242 households or 66.6% of the subscribers will have to pay up to 30 BGN at 66.3% in January. Other 21.4%, or 5870 subscribers will pay bills between 30 and 60 BGN and liabilities up to 90 BGN have 1728 or 6.3%. The relatively warm January brought bills up to 60 BGN to 21.7% of the subscribers and bills up to 90 BGN will be received by 6.2%. Last month, 3.1% used heat energy valuing at up to 120 BGN. Only 0.3% or 84 subscribers have to pay more than 210 BGN.

In the totals for heating and hot water for February there is again almost no difference compared to the January ones. 93% of all customers of DHC Toplofikaciya Burgas will receive bills for up to 120 BGN, as the most mass or 43.9% are those for up to 30 BGN. 27.7% or 7589 subscribers will pay up to 60 BGN. The clients that have to pay up to 90 BGN are 3967 or 14.5%. The Burgas citizens who will receive bills for between 90 and 120 BGN are 1896 - 6.9%.

Last week DHC Toplofikaciya Burgas reassured its customers not to expect significant differences between the January and February bills. The estimates for the first two months of 2012 show that despite the with one-degree lower average temperature in February, the submitted to the customers heat is with 2.59% less than the January consumption. In January 2012 the subscribers of the DHC have spent 17,968 MWh heat energy at average month temperature 1.6 degrees and wind speed 4,9 m /s, while for February it was 17,502 MWh at an average temperature of 0.6 degrees and wind speed 5,5 m /s.
Several days ago the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission distinguished DHC Toplofikaciya Burgas at a branch meeting, initiated by the Economic Policy, Energy and Tourism Committee to the National Assembly. The high collection of duties and traditionally low price of the service offered became the reason for the Burgas JSC be given as an example of efficiency.

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