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What is coming after the arson of the Synagogue in Bourgas

Two old buildings in the centre of Bourgas have been set afire. Two buildings which, within a month time, have become a target of criminal encroachments on. The Synagogue of Bourgas, being a monument of culture, which has been a public Art Gallery for 60 years, and the Jewish School, being an administrative building nowadays, and a part of a monumental ensemble of culture. The very historical centre of our town. Such, as it has remained engraved in our old people` s memory for hundred years. Instead of the previous sinister signs Death, made in black graphite, the Molotov Cocktail bombs have been used, able to enact the ominous messages making them realizable. There is somebody, in Bourgas, whose striving is a part of our town, of its past and present, to be burnt out, thus proclaiming the maleficent ambition to sow hatred and revenge inside the whole community. There is somebody who is acting hard to fill a pestilential mixture into the bottles, trying to provoke our life calmness and solidarity explode. In a systematic, purposeful, organized, methodic manner. All those series of menacing signs scrawled all over the walls of the schools in Bourgas, all the threats of a taking the law into one` s own hands, scribbled on the walls of the local municipal councilors` houses, all the desecrated temples and churches where various kinds of divine service are being held in, are no more than monstrous proofs that in Bourgas, for a couple of time, an atmosphere of both ethnic and religious hatred has been created. Conditions have been provided for future grave offences against citizens and the human personality in the Country. And that same last intentional arson is quite telling about it. There is no doubt, it is a question of analogical acts inspirited by a unified staff, and, more probably, by the same perpetrators and accessories. And if there is one who belittles the importance of such a fact, it means, that same person conceals a tacit sympathy to the perpetrators, covertly waiting for an opportune moment when the threats would turn into an outrage and the outrage would raise into a massacre. I am asking myself: how far distant is our contemporaneous society, - neglecting those forces of obscurity, - from the Crystal Night in Nazi Germany, originated the most ferocious extermination of human beings in the history?     

It is a long time, the Sinagogue of Bourgas is no more functioning as a place where divine service is held, and it has not been a temple for 69 years. Today, it is an Art Gallery, being considered one of the most beautiful building in our town. Recently, the operations on its restoration have been undertaken by the Municipal Administration in Bourgas and some sponsors, with the aim to transform the adjacent area into a visitors` and cultural centre. And there are few older citizen of Bourgas only who, perhaps, remember the times when wedding ceremonies and divine services were held in it. Nowadays, it is necessary, for the Synagogue re-opening and functioning as a temple where divine services is to be held by a Rabbi (Jewish Priest), at least 10 (ten) Jewish men to attend the service. But such a number of men (ten), Jewish by birth, who are required to attend the divine service and to put into practice the rite) is not available in Bourgas; and that is why the Synagogue is no more functioning. There is an evident hatred, instead, there is a striving to revive the nightmares of the past.

Now we are addressing our appeal not to the whole public in Bulgaria only, but to the State and Municipal Institutions in Bourgas, as well. Such a flagrant and arrogant escalation of the xenophobic demonstrations has been happening, due to the fact NONE OF THE PERPETRATORS, ORGANIZERS OR INSTIGATORS OF THOSE OFFENCES HAVE BEEN DETECTED TILL THE MOMENT. Criminal acts brutally violating not only the general laws in force in the Republic of Bulgaria but its Constitution, as well. Demonstrations of felonious ideologems, leading to a reciprocal extermination, and being categorically repudiated by the whole humanity, genocides, dictatorship and detestation.

We do insist, the required appropriate serious measures to be undertaken IMMEDIATELY by the Ministry of Home Affairs, by the Public Prosecutor` s Office and by the Municipal authorities in Bourgas, and the culprits to be caught, prosecuted and sentenced, being the respective provisions of both the Bulgarian and International Legislations applied to. As it is a fact, if Molotov bombs set on fire a part of the Jewish buildings only, on those recent days, and the entire buildings, on the next ones, it is quite probable, on the following days, no incendiary bottles to be used for, but dynamite cartridges, instead, able to take a human life. Who knows? Who could tell where would such criminal acts get to, further on, in the nearest future, and where would the instigators of such outrages plan to fulfill their infernal propagandist strategies to?

We do warn and insist, our State to implement its functions, before it is too late, as the processes are being forced, taking just a direction like that one, with the tacit indolence by the respective responsible authorities and institutions.

We are appealing to the all political forces in Bourgas and in the Country to keep distant from periodic outrages, either onto the Synagogue and the Jewish School, or onto any public building. It is an obscure propaganda inciting violence and civil war, and if there is one who ignores our appeal giving no answer, such a refusal would be considered expressive enough, by itself. The very pillars of democracy in Bulgaria are in peril, and that is pa problem concerning our State, our society, Europe, our human civilization as a whole.

We are also appealing to Bulgarian mass-media, asking for such an act to be reflected by them not only as a mere news, but for a true civil and democratic approach, that is required, for a clearly expressed inadmissibility to any marginal acts of that sort and to their activation.          

We are also appealing to you, perpetrators yourselves, who, perhaps, are following the public reactions to, at the moment, enjoying your “ instant of glory “. We do believe in moral foundations of our Bulgarian society, however tormented it may seem, however deprived of faith it may seem. We are convinced, the fact, Bulgaria saved its Jews during the Second World War, was not a casual act, at all, nor was it due to a caprice of circumstances; it was a real proof of that same eternal spirit of justice, dignity and tolerance, deeply laying in Bulgarian public consciousness and in the valuable system kept for centuries on by our Bulgarian people.

We are sure, there is no place for such a hysteric detestation and xenophobia in the souls of our friends, colleagues, people staying all around us. Our Bulgarian people never will let itself be provoked or manipulated; neither will it lose that true thread which helps it know right from wrong, misery from the greatness and the nobleness of spirit.
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