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Artistic talents rised in the Burgas German language School

The seniors will say `goodbye`  to their school with charity performances

The theatrical life of Burgas will be varied with three strong student performances only within a month. "Culprits" for the luscious program are the students of German Language High School "Goethe", which each week to 10th May will rejoice the Burgas citizens with famous plays, seen through their personal vision of the world and the issues that surround us.

On April 21st at 5 and 7 pm will be held the traditional for the high school performance, with which the seniors will say goodbye to school life. This year the chosen play theatrical group "Goethe" will present is "Dvuboi" (Bulgarian for "Duel") by Ivan Vazov as the direction is by the Assistant - Director of the German School Ms. Sofka Bubalova. As a real theater goers the young linguists have chosen the Hall of Dramatic Theater "Adriana Budevska" to present their view of Vazov's comedy. With a 1-BGN ticket everyone will be able not only to enjoy their art but will support the charitable tradition of the high school too - helping on Protected Housing `Akaciite` in Burgas and people with disabilities at the National Centre for Social Rehabilitation Bureau of Social Services, Burgas.

Students from "Goethe" will participate in this year's festivities of the VII holidays of youth theater art "Burgas sunrises." On 29th April the German high school students will make the audience laugh with "Kingdom of Women" by St. Kostov that will be staged at the Military Club. From now on the expectations of their performance are high because of the furore the gifted children made last year with "Golemanov" play and the fact they took the 1st place in the group for school groups of 14 to 18 years olds.

Again, dedicated to a charity cause is the invitation for May the 10th when NHK building will host the musical "Mamma Mia". From 5 and 7 pm under the guidance of Mrs. Maria Karavasileva, the artistic talents of the German School will tell an incredible story of love, faith and passion for life, with songs and dances.

In the coming days, along with recognition for their theatrical flair and talent, the graduates of the School `Goethe` will receive one for their good education too. On May the 2nd at 5:30 pm at the Hall in the District Administration building, 96 students from the 12th grade will be awarded the language certificate "German Language Diploma C1 and B2' at Conference of the Ministers of Culture of the Federal Republic of Germany. The certificate proves qualified knowledge of German at C1 and B2 level according to the Common European Framework and provides guarantee for the necessary for studying in German universities linguistic competences.

The management of "Goethe" invites all interested in the events to support the young people of Burgas, with their presence!


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