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New Year with old prices of the heating in Burgas

"The heat" at the sea has become cheaper over the years

Despite the increase in the price of the natural gas with 4.34 percent from January this year, DHC Burgas (the district heating company) keeps the cost of the heating with heat carrier hot water the same. Nearly 100,000 customers will not feel the higher price. For them the heating with heat carrier hot water will cost as till now - 63.88 leva per MWh and the price of energy with heat carrier water vapour - 84.50 leva per MWh, VAT excluded.

In the last days of the past year the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission announced marginal price for the company - 68.85 leva per MWh, which is about with 5 leva more per MWh. Thanks to the embedded cogeneration system and the effective management, the manufacturer will assume the increase of raw material at its own expense. A new price will be applied only for the electricity generated in a combined way - 230.42 leva per MWh, within the approved by the State Regulator. DHC Burgas managed to keep for a record-breaking long time, more than a year, its prices unchanged despite the sustained increase in the price of the natural gas for the past 15 months.

Real achievement and gain in benefit of the consumers is, that today the price of the heating in Burgas is with about 2 leva less than it was in 2007, despite the inflation and the economic crisis. By keeping and offering the cheapest price of heating in the country, the TPP proved its leading role in the energy market in Bulgaria and maintained its leading place in the industry. The company's pricing policy is entirely customer oriented and this makes it a preferred partner. More and more people are returning to the heating with steam, which is the greenest and cheapest method. DHC Bourgas begins 2012 with an increased number of subscribers. Many of them use the services of the company as a heat accountant too.


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