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For the first time street theater in Burgas

Two Israeli actors will make the citizens of Burgas see the city through their eyes

For the first time street theater is coming to Burgas. The traditional and unusual performance "Agency Shpuka Tours" of the Israeli actors Lisa Jacobson and Gil Becher is part of the festival "Vklyuchi Grada". At 2pm on March 24th in the sea garden, near the bunker, the actors take the roles of Mr. and Mrs. Shpuka from Romania, owners of travel agency with traditions, established in the distant 1879. Anyone can become one of its customers and join the cycling tour organized by the agency, to see his/ hers city through the eyes of the actors, to answer questions about Burgas and learn new things, including how to ride a bike properly. There will be an improvised bike race too and the one person that crosses the finish band first, will receive a medal. In general, the Shpuka Tours Agency has prepared for the Burgas citizens and the visitors of the city countless surprises, served with a good mood. Language is not a barrier as the Israeli innovators know little Bulgarian, speak French, Italian, English, Hebrew, and most importantly - fully fluent body language. They find that when one wants to express something, the words are not the most important thing. The success of their performance relies heavily on the audience participation.

Lisa Jacobson and Gil Becher are in Burgas at the invitation of Mr. Petar Todorov, founder of Pro Rodopi Arts Centre. With themselves they carry too their idea of theater - not institutional one, closed in hall, but one in which the audience is an active participant. For this theater every place is a stage, every passerby - an actor. For Lisa and Gil what matters is the closeness between people. They have implemented a lot of crazy ideas. With their improvised "acting troupe" they visited an elderly lady to see her great collection of containers for salt and pepper, they visited a photo to take a memory picture, swam in the hotel swimming pool on the seventh floor .... They even organized a midnight visit to the museum of Potsdam, where they played hide and seek. Succeeded in arranging access to the archives of the KGB stored in the town that are hiding countless secrets of its inhabitants. For both innovators the world is a scene and they are constantly in search of similar 'anchors', to take the people to.

Lisa Jacobson and Gil Becher have their own theater - "Arma". Behind its name are standing the first letters of the Israeli words for earth, wind, water and fire. The theater was founded in 1990 and creates performances, manages projects, organizes workshops. The actors use the techniques of the Physical theatre, street theatre, site-specific and Bouffon theatre, clown work, plastic-arts, dance, video-art, architecture, light design and man-space-movement relations.

Lisa Jacobson and Gil Becher are art directors of the festival "Street CAT (Creative, Artistic, Theatre)", which takes place in the city of Bat Yam on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. According to the actors Bat Yam is very similar to Burgas by its sea location and overall atmosphere. So they intend to offer to the Burgas Municipality for the Bulgarian and the Israeli city to become twin cities.


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