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Blind Sunday is the best book of poetry for 2011

Rumen Leonidov received the National Poetry Award "Ivan Nikolov"

'Blind Sunday'(literally translation from the Bulgarian: ‘Slyapa nedelya’, a phrase that means ‘urge to get married’ too) of Rumen Leonidov is the most powerful collection of poems for 2011. After a long poetic silence Leonidov gave his clear 'no' to everything heartless and talentless around us and in us and these thrilling messages brought him the highest prize - the National Award for poetry.

The award named after Ivan Nikolov was established by the Plovdiv publishing house "Janet 45" and is bestowed for a 17th consecutive year. Its first winner was Hristo Fotev.

The awards ceremony this year took place on December 22nd at 'Sfumato' Theatre Workshop. 32 authors took part in the competition and 6 of them were nominated for the final round. Among them the jury, consisting of Ekatherina Yosifova, Elin Rahnev and Ilko Dimitrov, unanimously outlined the poet, who opposed us being a society of "scared men." In his book "Blind Sunday" he takes us back to the forgotten roots and fettered wings.

Hardly there is a need for Rumen Leonidov to be introduced. We have seen him in various roles - editor, publisher, university lecturer, journalist. After nine years of silence, he announced his return to poetry through the dramatic decrees of the Macedonian voivodes from his family. These verses the critics defined as the new word in the contemporary Bulgarian poetry.

For a few months "Blind Sunday" underwent two editions, but the generous for Leonidov year 2011 did not finish with this success. The poet gathered his magical essays in the collection " The frightened man," and now plans its double sequel "The male loneliness" and "Gentle dictatorship."

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