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UN and members of the French Parliament in Bulgaria because of the nurses

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12 of March , 2007

The President of Communities of Nations for Peace – a UN department – Albert Konan Koffi was on a visit in Bulgaria to have a meeting with the relatives of the sentenced to death Bulgarian nurses. He was accompanied by the General secretary of the organization Jean Francois Penel as well as the French member of parliament Lilian Zanki.

For the first time from the beginning of the trial International delegation  has visited Bulgaria especially in respect of the case with the Bulgarian medics.

Within the visit Albert Konan Koffi announced that in a short time he would meet the Libyan leader Muamar Kadafi and to discuss  with him the liberation of the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor. Koffi is sure that on his next trip to Bulgaria  he will be there together with the nurses. “Nobody has forgotten the medics in Libya”- said Konan-Koffi and added that the represented by him organization will make a great international campaign to support their liberation .

The visit of Communities of Nations for Peace coincides with Albert Konan- Koffi’s birthday. He celebrated it together with the medics’ relatives and thus he demonstrated his spiritual belonging to the Bulgarian medics and their families.


Albert Konan-Koffi, Jean-Francois Penel, Lilian Zanchi, Alberta Alkalay and Eugeni Apostolov at the briefing- meeting with the families of the nurses in Sofia (Greenvill Hotel, 12.03.07)

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