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TPP Burgas saves large quantities harmful emissions

The heat producer will contribute to the CO2 reduction in global
DHC Toplofikaciya Borgas is able to sell more emissions than previously estimated and thus to contribute more to the global ecological balance. In this way the company will fulfill in advance its contract with the Danish Energy Agency for reduced emissions of carbon dioxide. This became clear at the regular quarterly meeting between the two companies that jointly established a co-generation installation in 2006 and agreed on the sale of the emissions saved in the period 2007 - 2012.
By the end of March the independent verifier Green and Fair will complete the check-up of DHC Burgas that has the purpose to confirm the reliability and precision of the monitoring system and the objectivity of the reported data concerning the greenhouse gas emissions. Once the Executive Environment Agency verifies the report, the emissions reductions will be transferred from the account of DHC Burgas to the account of the Danish Energy Agency. The prognoses are that for 2011 the verifier will validate reduced carbon dioxide emissions at the extent of 84,739 t CO2, as this amount will be the largest one being transferred since 2008 onwards.
DHC Burgas joined harmful emissions trading in 2006 after with the help of the Danish Ministry of Energy and climate and its state program for joint implementation it has built installation for co generative production of electricity and heat energy. The co-financing of 15 million BGN engaged the heating company to transfer to the Danish governmental agency the total of 468,328 t CO2 reduced emmissions. Despite the problems with the accreditation of Bulgaria, that several times threatened the participation of our native plants in the scheme for trading of harmful emissions, under the Kyoto treaty, `TPP Burgas` manages to transfer regularly the emissions to the Danish registry and strictly performs its duties. During the meeting this month, representatives of the Danish Energy Agency estimated highly the professionalism of DHC Burgas.

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