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The Bulgarian Tenors - the Christmas gift by Tria city center

Opera arias, foreign and Bulgarian evergreens, Russian popular songs and Italian canzonas - a unique combination of classic voices, romantic sound and elegant look, made the customers shopping in Tria city center to stay in the lobby. Burst of applause filled the building after each performance of the gaining greater popularity trio `The Unique Voices`. The unique voices of the three young Bulgarians sounded live every round hour and drove more and more visitors, even those not tempted by classical music, to sit in Tria cafe and admire the talent of Veselin Vachev, Georgi Petrov, Boris Lukov.

The performances of `The Unique Voices`, that took place on 19th, 20th and 23rd December in the lobby of the building, are the elegant Christmas gift to the Burgas people by shopping center Tria. Young, elegant and artistic, the three singers were received with a storm of applause every time they appeared. `The Unique Voices` is one of the last creations of the producer of ensemble "Bulgare" Hristo Dimitrov. The young performers are representatives of the new musical stream that originates from the great Luciano Pavarotti. The repertoire that is presented in Burgas includes classical music, bended through the neoclassical and pop music.

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