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Burgas 8000, 4, Baba Ganka Sqr., fl. 4

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Human resources of Image Advertising

Our professional team consists of young, ambitious and skilled specialists with background experience in the field of public relations, media, journalism and advertising.

Image Advertising was founded by and is managed by Mrs. Alberta Alkalay.

Mrs. Alkalay is a long-standing Public Relations Manager representing “Promet Steel” AD where she developed and implemented successful PR policies.

Mrs. Alkalay was a movie producer, editor and reporter for the American Foundation of Steven Spielberg "Survivors of the Shoah" (now called the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education). She is the co-author of over one hundred documentary films related to the events of WWII.

Mrs. Alkalay was a correspondent for the Bulgarian national and periodical press, an established script-writer and editor at "Ku-Ku" broadcast -BNT.

In addition Mrs. Alkalay has held numerous speaking engagements and is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer at the Burgas Free University.

Mrs. Alkalay graduated from the University for National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria with a degree in "International Economic Relations". She earned a post-graduate qualification at the Mediterranean University in Aix-en-Provence, France. Mrs. Alkalay is an alumnus of the French Linsuistic Lyceum - Burgas.

She is fluent in French and English.

Mrs. Alkalay is a member of the Bulgarian Public Relations Society.

“The great ideas are in everyone’s consciousness, but only the winners make them come true“
Joseph Cain
Image Advertising, Burgas 8000, 4, Baba Ganka Sqr., fl. 4, phone +359(56) 896480,  E-mail