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Galleria Burgas will be the first eco-mall in Bulgaria

The building receives a global sustainability certificate

Galleria Burgas will be "the green pearl" of the seaside town. The Mall is being built with advanced technologies, which transform it into the only one for the present eco-friendly trade and entertainment center in Bulgaria. It is designed to have a landscaped park area on its deck-roof, which will serve as a zone for recreation and rest for the numerous visitors. The building will be part of the integral bicycle transportation system of Burgas and thus it will fit into the common ambitious vision for its future development as one of the greenest cities on the continent.

Galleria Burgas steps on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast with the latest trends in energy efficient and sustainable architecture and sets new standards in construction. The Mall is in process of certification by the globally recognized American system LEED, according to Core and Shell standardization (CS), grade `Gold`.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a universal system for sustainable construction elaborated 19 years ago in the USA. Currently, LEED is one of the most widely used and recognized independent certification systems, with over 10,000 certified and more than 32,000 registered projects in more than 100 countries.

It is planned that the building and the activities carried out inside it, will be of minimal environmental damage and significantly healthier for employees and customers both. The high efficient technologies will enable the use of less electricity and water in the commercial and entertainment center. Thanks to the energy-efficient air conditioning system, the noxious emissions will be vastly reduced, which ensures comfort and healthy environment for visitors and personnel. The carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by more than 616 tons per year. Research shows that in such eco-buildings the employees are healthier than those working in ordinary ones. This will transform the newly built Mall into a leader in green construction and the first shopping center of new generation in our country.

Galleria Burgas is situated on a built-up area of 53,500 square meters, but is built entirely with eco and environmentally friendly building materials, coming mainly from the region. The paints, sealants and adhesives in the building are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This will also reduce air pollution in favor of the health of staff and visitors.

Noteworthy accent of Galleria Burgas will be the "green" roof. It is designed as a pedestrian area with greenery and outdoor places of public resort. Besides being very attractive, the facility greatly increases the insulating qualities of the building. Thanks to the combination of perfect insulation and highly efficient infrastructural, heating and lighting systems will be achieved up to 24% less power consumption and the heat burden will be reduced by 50%. Individual elements of the building will be powered by solar electro panels.

The Mall will have 1,200 parking places and aims to encourage alternative transportation too. There are planned special outdoor and indoor parking lots for bicycles as well as for vehicles with low emissions, hybrids. The access to public transport is being facilitated.

Since for Galleria Burgas nature preservation is a cause, it will be the first and only one for the present in the country with Environmental Information Center. Situated near the main entrance, the center will draw the attention of the citizens to the global ecological problems and will inform them about current "green" topics. It will provide information on how Galleria Burgas is built and how it operates, n order to achieve the distinctive qualities of a great environmental friendly public facility with maximum energy efficiency.

The complex will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers with its shops and places of public resort on 3 levels, among which will be presented international fashion giants and top brands from the world of entertainments. Cinema City will be the operator of multiplex with 10 cinema halls. Particular interest is expected to the international club for a healthy lifestyle Pure Fitness, which entered the country for a first time namely in Galleria. The wide selection of shopping and attractions will make the visitors feel truly "at ease".

Galleria Burgas will reveal all its potentialities to the thousands fans-to-be on May, the 15th.

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