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Primorsko reduced the garbage collection fee for legal entities

The municipality gives 5% discount for payment of local taxes by April

From the 1st of March starts the payment of taxes to the municipality of Primorsko. The paying up will be in two equal installments, as the first one has to be paid in by June the 30th and the second one by October 31st. 5% discount will be given to anyone who pays the full amount due for 2012, up to the end of April.

As a tool for support of the local businesses this year was reduced the per mille of garbage collection fee for the legal entities. The family hotels in Primorsko will pay 2 per mille, while in 2011 they owed a fee of 3 per mille. The levy for the other legal entities is 6 per mille, as the decrease here is 0.5 per mille towards last year.

The officials working in department "Local taxes and charges" were the first to pay their duties today. Thus the local administration hopes to set an example for their fellow citizens and to draw their attention to the timely payment of the taxes to the municipality.

With flowers and chocolates personally the Director of the Directorate - Radka Geogieva welcomed the first "civilian" taxpayer - Kostadin Dimov.


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