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Primorsko Municipality won Euro project for over 42 million leva

The capacity of the wastewater treatment plant in Kiten will be increased 4 times

Primorsko Municipality won the project "Integrated Investment project in the water sector for agglomeration Primorsko - Kiten" on Operational Programme "Environment 2007 - 2013" The contract for grant worth 42,419,124.25 leva was signed on February 3, 2012 by the Minister of Environment and Water Nona Karadzhova and the Mayor of Primorsko Municipality Dimitar Germanov. With the EU funding will be carried out modernization of the wastewater treatment plant in Kiten, its capacity will be increased 4 times to meet the rapid pace Primorsko Municipality develops itself at.

Primorsko and Kiten, as tourist destinations, have specific characteristics. Currently the citizens of the two cities are 4822, but in the summer the population increases repeadetly. The plant, that gathers the wastewater of Primorsko, the International Youth Centre and Kiten now has a capacity for 29 000 inhabitants. It was put into operation in 1980 and reconstructed in 1999.  It does not remove the biogenic substances. After the reconstruction from 1999 the qualities of the treated water meet the conditions for a second-class receiver.

With the implementation of the EU project the wastewater treatment plant in Kiten will increase its capacity and will be able to suit the needs of up to 120 000 inhabitants during the tourist season.

The project also provides for investment in the water supply network of Primorsko and Kiten, built in the period 1930-1978. The water-mains and the inner water system in the two settlements are made from asbestos cement, steel and galvanized pipes. The inner water system is fully developed and in recent years there have been many partial repairs with polyethylene pipes, mainly with the resources of the water supply company.

After the reconstruction the water losses and the infiltration to the sewer system will be reduced. The investment will help to provide the necessary quantities of drinking water at affordable prices too.

Under the terms of the contract the project should be implemented for 39 months.

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