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"Much Ado About Nothing" comes to a Burgas scene

Grand Hotel Primoretz again a "refuge" for the actors of "Bulgarian Army" Theatre

The longest staged in Bulgaria play by Shakespeare - "Much Ado About nothing," which is put up on the stage of "Bulgarian Army" theater for 14 years, will tour in Burgas on Thursday, March 17th. In the Opera and Ballet Theater, the Burgas citizens will have the opportunity to laugh with the characters of Ivan Radoev, Vulcho Kamarashev, Yoana Bukovska, Ivan Laskin, Nencho Ilchev, Stoyko Peev and other favorite actors. The staging is by Prof. Krasimir Spasov and the song to the show "Rai" (Bulgarian for "Paradise") is emblematic to the singer and composer Stephan Valdobrev.

The Burgas theatre-goers became involved in the art, created by that theater, thanks to Grand Hotel "Primoretz" - a major sponsor for its visit to the city and the organizers of "Art Studio". The five-star hotel provides accommodation for the whole team, and the actors are happy that in times of financial crisis the Burgas Grand helps them to be on the stage and to please their audience.

The unusual collaboration between the theater and the hotel started in February this year when, with the assistance of Primoretz the Burgas citizens saw the cult show "Nojiza Trepach." Then and there future joint initiatives were agreed, according to which each month the metropolitan theater will stage different productions on Burgas scene and the hotel will provide the accommodation of their creators.

Primoretz aims to develop itself not only as a place of accommodation and entertainment. It has yet become an important cultural center in Burgas. After the end of 2010 the idea of “the coffee theater” was revived there and now a new surprise for the Burgas audience is being prepared. The Theatre Bulgarian Army is considering options for chamber performances, which will start from the next season. They will come to Burgas too and most likely will be staged in the halls of Grand Hotel Primoretz.


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